The AMD Rewards loyalty program is here!

Blog Post created by samantha.davis on May 12, 2015


AMD Gaming Evolved members (download the app here) can now use the app to claim over $5m-worth of amazing stuff from AMD Rewards in the just-launched Rewards Store!


Here’s how it works: You earn Rewards Points for activities like playing games, participating in the community, and using the Gaming Evolved app to optimize games. If you’ve been running the app for the last few weeks you probably already have a bunch -- possibly thousands -- of points saved up.


Then you can browse the Rewards Store in the AMD Gaming Evolved app and spend points on an ever changing inventory -- free games, hardware, discounts, sweepstakes entries, and much more!



You can earn points in tons of different ways. Signing up and verifying your email, points. Each time you optimize a new game, that’s points. And perhaps best of all, you earn points simply for playing games -- 5 RP the first time you fire up a game within a given 24 hours, and then 2 RP every 20 minutes for up to a max of 20 RP per day, which is roughly eight League of Legends ARAMs if, like me, that’s your preferred time measurement scale.


And to celebrate the launch of the Rewards Store, we’re tripling the rate of points you can earn from tracking your gameplay for a limited time!


Participating in Raptr’s community is another great way to earn points, and you can do it without even leaving the AMD Gaming Evolved app. Posting quality content to the community, connecting with other games, and discovering new community features are just some of the ways you can rack up more points.


We’ll continue to add more RP-earning actions with each update -- some of them may be unannounced and secret ways of earning RP, so keep an eye out!



Here’s some of the awesome free stuff we have in the Rewards Store at launch:



So head on over to the Rewards Store to see the full line-up, and get your free stuff now! And check back often, as we’ll have plenty to add to the inventory in the coming weeks.



*Originally posted by Robert Hallock in AMD Gaming on Feb 18, 2014 11:00:45 PM