Guest post by Dennis Fong, CEO and founder, Raptr



We at Raptr are proud to announce our collaboration with AMD and the beta launch of the AMD Gaming Evolved App Powered by Raptr, the ultimate desktop gaming app for the PC gamer.


PC gaming is the pinnacle of high-fidelity gaming, with amazing technology and performance -- but it’s not always easy. Users have to do the optimizing themselves, which can lead to bad gaming experiences, and there’s no Xbox Live-like service to bring everyone together.


But the AMD Gaming Evolved App is designed to make PC gaming systems as easy to use as consoles. With the app, AMD users will get the most out of their gaming experiences thanks to customized optimal game settings for their rigs, earn real rewards (see below) just for playing games, and have access to in-game tools such as broadcasting live video via Twitch, taking screenshots, web browsing, and chat.


With a single click in the app's Control Center, gamers will be able to optimize their games based on performance, quality, or a balance of both for their AMD hardware. Optimal game settings are determined using system and game data captured from millions of PCs stored in Raptr's Cloud combined with extensive testing of various combinations of GPUs, CPUs, and resolutions. The Control Center will also be the hub for gamers to access Raptr's tens of thousands of dedicated game communities for the latest discussions, strategy, streams, and more.


The Gaming Evolved App also includes our Raptr Rewards, so AMD users can earn rewards just for playing the games they love. Free games, DLC, betas, in-game items, discounts -- we’ve given away over $20 million worth in the last year!


We’re excited to help you get the most from your games with the AMD Gaming Evolved App Powered by Raptr -- you can download the beta now, right here!


Dennis Fong is the CEO and Founder of Raptr, the leading community that helps connect more than 18 million gamers share and discover content about the games they love. Fong previously co-founded three companies: Xfire, an instant messenger designed for PC gamers that reaches over 15 million users (acquired by Viacom/MTV for $120 million); Lithium, the leading provider of Social CRM solutions for the enterprise; and, rated the #1 gaming portal by Nielsen in ’99.  Better known as “Thresh” in gaming circles as the world champion of Doom, Quake, and Quake II, Fong was called the “Michael Jordan of video games” by the Wall Street Journal and “King of the Gamers” by the Washington Post.  Fong was also the world’s first celebrity pro gamer and once won John Carmack’s Ferrari in a Quake tournament.

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