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With six months of ATI CatalystTM

driver blogs under our belt, we are seeing a growing engagement from the community via this blog site. Please keep up the great comments and suggestions and we will endeavor to answer as many as we can. So, without further ado - let me introduce the ATI Catalyst 9.9 Driver Release!</div>

Game Optimizations: ATI CatalystTM9.9 Driver

With last month's release of the ATI CatalystTM 9.8 driver, we saw huge game performance increases, given that, this month the driver team focused on other applications and optimizations.


ATI CatalystTM 9.9Driver has no new features but does have the following resolved issues:


Anti-Aliasing support for Ghostbusters

ATI CrossFireXTM support for Resident Evil 5
Graphics corruption fix for Sims 3
ATI CatalystTM Control Center - Basic mode now responds appropriately after exiting Quick Adjust Video Settings
Edge enhancement and de-noise sliders in ATI Catalyst Control Center no longer lags or appears out of sync with mouse movement
Launching Hotkeys Manager in ATI Catalyst Control Center no longer causes an unhandled exception error
The "Desktop Rotation" page in ATI Catalyst Control Center no longer shows additional information for the second display when the secondary adapter is connected
HDMI is now detected properly as DTV (HDMI) instead of DTV (DVI) when the HDMI display is hotplugged for the first time
ATI Catalyst Control Center no longer displays error message when specific HDMI displays are hot unplugged and hotplugged back
Intermittent failures no longer occur with Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso once a transcoding process has been completed


And last but surely not least, my favorite community: ATI CatalystTM 9.9 driverfor Linux!</strong>


Support for new Linux operating systems

This release of ATI Catalyst driver for Linux introduces support for the following new operating systems:


• openSUSE 11.1 production support

• SLED and SLES 10 SP3 early look support


To download the full release notes, click here .


See you next month!


Ian “Cabrtosr” McNaughton


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