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AMD Technology enables Microsoft Azure at Ignite 2019

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AMD technology makes GPU enabled virtual desktops possible across the entire Enterprise!  

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! My first opportunity to participate in the 2019 Microsoft Ignite conference, promises to set a new highwater mark for impactful demonstrations, learning opportunities, and meaningful collaboration between AMD technology and the Microsoft ecosystem.

This year the AMD booth will be packed with technologies and demonstrations of many of the latest AMD solutions with Microsoft, including the latest high-performance laptops and virtual desktops. For me though, the highlight at Ignite is the exciting news around Microsoft Azure NVv4 instances; the first Windows Azure virtual desktop supported by 2nd gen AMD EPYCTM processors and Radeon InstinctTM GPUs.

Wondering what does NVv4 stands for? “N” = GPU Accelerated VM family in Azure “V” = Visualization “4” = Generation 4 – which means the NVv4 is the latest generation of GPU enabled virtual desktops services from Azure.

Modern day applications want more

This is an important distinction because many modern productivity applications like Office 365, video conferencing and web browsing are designed to harness the GPU to deliver the best possible application experience. Many non-GPU VMs however struggle to deliver that experience while previous GPU-accelerated VMs could only be configured, and priced, to deliver a full GPU as a workstation experience – making them too costly for everyday users.   

Re-evaluate GPU enabled Virtual desktops

The introduction of AMD powered NVv4 instances is shifting the expectations for VM deployments and is sure to have IT managers taking note. What’s changed? Well, The NVv4 instance is the first VM on Microsoft Azure to take advantage of SR-IOV technologies (Single-root input/output virtualization) and introduces GPU partitioning across four new options. This gives customers greater flexibility, enabling the entire enterprise to enjoy dedicated CPU/GPU virtual desktops, delivering the best application experience regardless of the workloads. In fact, NVv4 will offer four distinct instance options to choose from, scaled to share a single GPU’s resources among as many as eight Virtual Machines. Alternatively, IT managers can maximize the user density of NVv4 with Windows 10 multi-sessions, supported by Windows Virtual Desktop with available plug-ins from Citrix and Teradici. Anyone interested in trying the NVv4 experience for themselves can do so by signing up to customer preview.

Attending Ignite?

During Ignite, there will be a great opportunity to speak to our team about the benefits of all the AMD supported Azure instances and have the chance to sign up to the NVv4 customer preview at the AMD booth #249. If you want to learn more about the technologies powering NVv4 you might like to join these AMD sessions: Technical (BRK1114, Thursday 7th Nov, 11:30am),Hub (THR1086, 9am, Tuesday 5th Nov) and a NVv4 dedicated session by Microsoft (BRK3121) if you are lucky enough to be there in person.

From Azure to Windows, we love Microsoft! Come visit AMD  Booth #249 and experience all of our technology demonstrations and discuss how we can address your business needs!