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Adept II

Can I improve CorelDraw performance?

Just upgraded my system...I use Coreldraw daily (and Corel PhotoPaint)
Corel didn't work great before but it was tolerable, now its terrible.

Its slow doing everything. Slow to process things in an art project. 
As work gets more complicated (more elements on the screen) things get worse.
Even zooming in and out while working is slow.
And whenever it doesn't like a certain process, it just shuts down Corel.
I have run Corel repair system, and even reinstalled Corel just to be sure the software is okay.

Can I change something to make Corel work better?
Running Adrenalin 22.9.1, but I see nothing but Gaming settings.

Any suggestions?

PC Desktop w/ Win 10 Pro 
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X cpu
MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk mb
16Gb Kingston Fury Beast ram
RX580 Sapphire 8Gb Graphics
800W PSU

Mainboard BIOS is up to date for the CPU I am running, but not completely current. 
(6 mos old, there are three newer versions)

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Have you installed all the CorelDraw updates or patches from Corel Support to see if that helps any?

I would open a ticket with Corel Support just to see what they recommend to fix your issue. Maybe they can give a general area to look when fixing your program.

Are getting any types of errors while running CorelDraw or in Device Manager? 

Try running DXDIAG.exe and then download the file. Once downloaded go to the very last Catergory at the bottom of the file to see which files are having issues with DX Graphics.

Also check Windows Event Viewer under "Errors" to see if you see any error related to running CorelDraw or GPU.

Check to make sure no hardware (GPU or CPU) is overheating when running CorelDraw.

Is CorelDraw the only program you having issues with?

Adept II

To answer your points, one by one:


- yes. patched/updated.

- Corel support is useless and they've already answered this question claiming the issue is with Windows, etc

- When serious errors occur in Coreldraw, the program goes into a perpetual processing mode
as if its trying to complete a process, but never does. You have to 'end task' the program.
I've never seen anything out of the ordinary when I open Task Manager.

Either 'the program is not responding' or no comment, as if the program is still operating normally (however its in some state of freeze).
it just shuts down, disappears from the screen and you are staring at your desktop.
Then you hope, when you restart Corel, that a temporary saved backup exists and is offered to you.

My issues are just slow and jerky operation, and as on-screen artwork gets more complicated, the software
gets slower, jerkier, I move my view around my project, it seems to have trouble rendering.
Momentary black areas appear before th artwork renders again. Zoom in or out and it freezes momentarily,
or jumps jerkily in or out.

- I see error reports for:
Windows desktop
LiveKernel event
(I can share the dig report if you like)

- Event Viewer...I am not really sure of where to look or what to look at, but I went through some Error lists
and I can't find CoreDRW mentioned anywhere. There appears to be thousands of errors logged, reported, etc.
Mostly system things, it seems.

- Nothing is fact I have been monitoring temps since i got the new board and cpu...
and because of new fan controllers, I was curious as to what temps the main fans ramped up or down,
and when the GPU fans kicked in.
I also have a low end cooler on the CPU for the time being, so I want to monitor the CPU temp.
I'm happy that it is staying below nominal during various gaming and other things.

- Corel is the only program of this type that I use.
My games all appear to working well...90fps, stable, etc
I have some smaller programs that I use for art and related work, but they are pretty simple stuff as far as rendering things
or dealing with complicated vector and bitmap artwork.
I don't work in 3D (CAD, etc)

Two weeks ago I was running an old FX8300 cpu on an M3A78-CM mainboard with 8GB ram and the same RX580 GPU.
An old system, definitely not a powerhouse, and it struggled a bit in gaming...
but it ran CorelDRW with only a few issues. Just the standard Corel glitches and ocassional Corel related hang-ups.
But it didn't appear to suffer from the same system related problems I am having now.
I expected this new hardware to drastically improve my already passable CorelDRW operations...but its much worse.
And it all feels like its just not able to keep up and render things on the screen.

Thanks for the clarification.

Have you tried running the following command to check your Windows OS in a elevated Command Prompt or Powershell: SFC /scannow

If that comes out without any Windows issues then I would google all those errors you found in DXDIAG. especially the ones concerning Windows.

As a last resort you might want to do an Ingrade Repair of Windows. This is basically running the current Windows Installer while on the Desktop. It will replace your Windows Folder with an new one but with all of your 3rd party Apps intact.  Than if you want you can run Windows Disk Clean to delete the old Windows.old folder to save space or leave there in case you want to revert back to that Windows again. I believe Windows automatically deletes that folder after a certain amount of days.

Otherwise I have no other suggestions. Unless you want to open a thread at Microsoft Forums since Corel mentioned it might be a Windows issue.

On my computer I have a somewhat similar issue. Sometimes a program would freeze for a second and then return to the desktop as though it was never opened. This happens with Firefox or when I use Kodi occasionally. 

On my computer when it freezes for a few seconds especially while watching Kodi my hard drive seems to be running at maximum. Once the short freeze is over the Hard drive is back to it normal operation.

Adept II

Im thinking if you don't know CorelDrw or how to work in it, you may not understand my complaints and frustrations.
Thats not your fault, but it makes it more difficult to describe my problems.

To say my computer (or CorelDRW)  'freezes" is totally wrong and misleading.
I'm sorry if I gave that impression.

Once again, if you aren't familiar with working in Corel, then it may be impossible for you to get what I am describing.
Imagine holding a pencil and an art pad...and trying to draw a picture.
It involves leaning in and out constantly, toward and away from the page (*zoom in and out with the scroll wheel).

At the same time, you are shifting your center of view right, left, up and down. (*sliding your mouse around, shifting your view).

All this while drawing lines, curves, applying fills and colours, adjusting line thicknesses, dragging vector points, etc etc

Now imagine trying to do this on a rocking boat thats also banging against the deck...
you keep losing the ability to focus on one spot, grab a detail,
or move your view in and out fluidly and smoothly.
Things get momentarily choppy or slow to react.
Functions are not responsive and then you suddenly lurch ahead as the graphics catch up with what you just did...
or they don't, things just don't happen, and you are left trying to complete the action.

Honestly, this is more like a graphics card that can't keep up in a game.
(although not like game lag)
And it only started with this new motherboard and cpu.

I'm questioning whether Adrenalin is the correct software to have installed?
Is this just for games, and may be hurting my Corel performance?
Or can I adjust things for Corel (from within Adrenalin)?

Or, is this CPU not a good fit with CorelDRW?


Your are correct that I am not that familiar with how CorelDraw operates.

But sometimes you can use general basic troubleshooting to try and eliminate as much external factors that might affect a program.

In your case, Thanks for explaining it in layman terms the issue you are having with CorelDraw. I can see how it can be frustrating having a newer more powerful and faster computer and CorelDraw is worse.

According to CorelDraw Hardware requirements your Ryzen PC meets the requirements.

Anyways  I can't help you. Maybe some other User here at AMD Forum that is using CorelDraw can help you.

You might want to open a thread at CorelDraw Forums and see if other Users are having the same issues as you are:

Either way good luck in finding a fix. I believe the issue is with Corel Support more than anything else.


Not sure but you might suspect the GPU.  Not that something is wrong with it, but my dealings with AutoDesk-AutoCAD and VIZ require specific GPU's designed for them.  

Yes, I have experienced your problems with AutoCAD and especially with VIZ with a standard desktop GPU.

I don't know how well the PRO series cards handle this issue, but they obviously have some differences.

AutoCAD and VIZ are now licensed on annual terms and it will not let me install and run my 2008 version license anymore.  Since I have been retired for over 12 years now I really don't have much use for either program and will not pay for an annual license.

Anyway, the cards that ran the CAD and digitized animation software used to be quite expensive (2K-3K).  

Check with a drafting company if possible and see what GPU they use.  

Well that's my 2 cents on this issue.  Sure hope you find a solution even when I think that is going to be a new GPU designed for that type of workload.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"
Adept II

No, Graphics Card is fine.
Works perfectly for everything else, and tests out perfectly.

This is purely a CorelDRW versus new MotherBoard issue.
As I mentioned, minor issues from before are now major issues.

I looked into whether I can tweak Adrenalin and the GPU for the Corel application.
But Adrenalin appears to only be for Gaming apps.
I wasn't aware of this.

The main difference between this new MB and my old one, is no onboard Graphics.
I am now relying solely on my GPU...which I assumed I was doing before...but I wonder if Corel relied to any extent on the onboard graphics of my old board? Is that possible?
Obviously, the onboard graphics would not have been very capable, but I could still run CorelDRW without my Graphics Card installed. Not very well, I admit, but it did work.

Is there a way to make sure my Graphics Card is properly supporting and supplying CorelDRW on this new MB?

Will updating the BIOS have any effect?
To be honest, when it comes to the BIOS, I am reluctant to mess with it...I'm thinking "if it aint broke..."


When last did you do a fresh install for Windows?

Are you using hard drives and what is their activity/utilization during Corel?


Which version of CorelDraw?

When you run it and it is slow, open Task Manager, click More details and take screenshots of processes tab and performance tab.

"And whenever it doesn't like a certain process, it just shuts down Corel."

As elstaci mentioned:

sfc /scannow

and I would add

chkdsk /F

Uninstall and reinstall CorelDraw

Also if you disk is full, or slow, this might be part of problem.

What other software do you have running in the background? Some ccleaner trying to clear temp files while Corel creating them might cause issues.

If you didn't do a clean install when moving from bulldozer to ryzen, that is one thing...

EDIT:  Also did you google something in the lines of "how to improve coreldraw performance" ?

"Certain background services and startup items may cause application stability issues, specifically services which scan the system for viruses. "

"Temporary files are used by applications to facilitate a number of functions, but are primarily used to swap information from RAM to the hard disk (and vice versa). Often when applications crash, these files are left in the Temp folder and must be removed manually. To delete temporary files, do the following:

  1. Click Start | Run
  2. Type the following and click OK: %temp%
  3. In the window that appears, click Edit | Select All
  4. With all objects selected, hit the delete key

NOTE: Certain files may not delete if applications which access those specific temporary files are open. If this occurs, simply reboot the computer and repeat the steps listed above, ensuring that all programs are closed.


"When working with large files in CorelDRAW, it may be required to increase the amount of memory allocated to the application. Default memory allocation is set to 25%. This can be increased to as high as 50%, though it is not recommended to exceed this level. Increasing this setting beyond 50% will reduce the amount of RAM being used by Windows, decreasing performance of the entire computer."

"On occasion, re-installing CorelDRAW may be needed to update certain application files."



Adept II

Let me say, the responses and interest from you guys is very refreshing and much appreciated.
I've been on other forums where you wait for ever for replies and weak interest.
Thank you.


Attempting to answer in order:

Windows 10 install is absolutely fresh, a full overwrite.

Version I use: CorelDraw Graphics Suite 18

It doesn't run slow all the time, since it can be doing many things or nothing at any given moment.
Its more about how it now stumbles, slows and struggles, when doing complicated tasks and rendering
...things that it didn't do quite this bad with my olde motherboard and CPU.

I was just expecting it to perform much better when the work gets complicated, to render faster,
to complete tasks a bit easier. Tasks as simple as zooming in and out on artwork, when that
artwork has become complicated with lots of elements and layers.
As I said, it may have stumbled a little in days past, and now it struggles a lot.

As I said earlier, it was a fresh install of Corel...and then I tried the Repair option
(a built in feature on the Corel disc, that allows for a full rewrite of files and fixes)
And after no improvement, I reinstalled Corel. All within a week, and right after new Windows install.

Corel is a glitchy buggy program...always has been...and while some claim that things get better with newer
versions, I have found that each has its own similar and distinct bugs.
I'm not expecting it to work perfectly.
I'm just expecting things to have improved with the new motherboard and cpu, and they've gotten worse.

Corel is installed on C drive, a 500GB SSD, that is only currently 15% used.

I have all the normal things running in the background, nothing that shouldn't be,
and when working in Corel I always have other files and folders open.
I might be on the web searching for reference and images,
plus I often have other software waiting to be used (CorelPhotoPaint, Fotosizer, Cone3D, Winamp, Thunderbird)
None of this has been an issue, or a related issue, in the past...
although I am aware of available CPU and Memory, and sometimes when performing and important function, like saving a file,
I would have to be tolerant and patient while tasks completed.
Things should have gottent better, not worse.

As I said, its not about the overall operation of Corel...its about doing certain things in Corel while working on a project.
And having those functions and events happen smoother and quicker.
Once again, if you understood the work I do in Corel, you might understand me better.
Art projects can get pretty complicated, with all the elements, nodes, layers, fills and textures...
and constantly rendering this stuff while you add and remove things, move around the workspace, zoom your view in and out,
requires a lot of processing power.

yes, I searched for "how to improve coreldraw performance"...thats exactly how I got here!
Well...sort of.

I am a long time member at Corel forums, as well as a couple of tech forums.
I was already a member here too (I think).
The issue of AMD compatibility with Corel has been raised hundreds of times.
Many Corel users swear that AMD processors are just not compatible with Corel products.
I seriously considered switching to an Intel CPU until Ryzen appeared. (I thought it would be a no-brainer)

The issue of Corel's compatibility (with any CPU) has been raised, and the Devs don't seem to want help.
Its one of those companies that appears to care a lot more about new versions, and sales, than tech issues.

As I said, I'm not expecting perfection with CorelDRW, I would just like a bit of improvement (considering the major system upgrade)
and instead, I have a worse operating CorelDRW.

The issues I am having appear to stem from a lack of computing and processing power at certain times.
And not because something else is running in the background (as in other programs, that have always been there)

I cleared Temp files as you instructed, thanks...I used to have CCleaner installed, but I have yet to reinstall it.
To be honest, I've heard horror stories (although I have been using free CCleaner for years with no headaches that I know of).
Maybe I need to reinstall it?

Your last statement/quote is of particular Corel and Memory allocation.
This sounds like it could be very applicable.
So, how do I allocate more memory to Corel? specifically Corel. ??

I don't use Corel myself. Those are what I foung with google. Google also mentions driver issues with old drivers. You do have latest drivers? I would also probably try AMD's Pro drivers as they are more productivity oriented.

It was also mentioned that in Corel, you can adjust how much OpenCL performance is used and from what I understood, if you set it too high, it might cause performance issues if you gpu can't cope.

- Maybe try without GPU acceleration and/or with lower GPU setting
- Maybe just in case clear shader cache from Radeon software (Gaming tab - Global graphics - Advanced - Reset Shader Cache)

If doesn't fix

I would:
- sfc /scannow
- chkdsk /F
- Uninstall Corel
- Use uninstaller to uninstall previous gpu drivers 
- Install latest pro drivers 
- Reinstall Corel

I have yet to find how to allocate more memory to CorelDRW specifically.
From what I have read (at Corel forum) you can't.

I just installed this board and cpu and everything is new.
AS far as I know it has the proper drivers installed.
How do I know what driver we are talking about and how to determine if its right?
But then again, drivers for what?

AMD Pro drivers...I don't understand.
There are so many GPU related drivers there, I am lost.
I can't even find my Card.
My RX580 is listed in the Graphics sub-list but not in the Professional Graphics subs.
So I don't know what driver would apply.

Are we saying that Adrenalin is not the right thing?
I was told Adrenalin is the right thing for my Card and have since re-installed it.
And kept it fully updated.
AMD says Adrenalin is the thing. And thats what it gives me.

Can you explain how to adjust OpenCL performance in CorelDRW?
or GPU Acceleration?
Shader cache, I can probably clear...but thats something that should clear regularly on its own.


"Can you explain how to adjust OpenCL performance in CorelDRW?"

Don't know, don't have it. It recommended that in google so I suppose there is a setting in Corel determining what GPU acceleration setting is used.

"Are we saying that Adrenalin is not the right thing?"

Not the best thing for productivity. There is Pro version for that.


I will look into the Settings in CorelDRW and see what I can adjust.
- nothing related to this issue. Settings are all Toolbox, Controls, Visual, etc

I will look for more info re OpenCL performance.
-apparently not something that is available in Win10
-I did find a Performance adjustment option (in  Win10) where you can set a particular app to better graphic performance based on your I added the program and chose the higher performance. We will see if it makes any improvements.

If you can point me to an alternative driver kit, I will remove Adrenalin and give it a try.
But I don't know where to look.
My Card is RX580

Adept II

Its been a few days, and I am still struggling in CorelDRW,
although things seem to have improved slightly as I adjust my way of doing things.

Corel still has issues rendering things and is slower than I am used to,
but as I said, I am getting used to things.
My next computer upgrade will not be for another 10 years unless I come into lots of money!
So I am forced to live with the situation.

I can only assume the new MB and CPU is not Corel friendly, or vice versa (probably).
If I had the room, I would assemble my old system and use it just for artwork (since Corel works better on it)

As I said, if I knew of a better driver kit, I would replace Adrenalin, but I have yet to find that.
And AMD gives me Adrenalin when I input my video card.

I will add more memory next year (when I can afford it) but not sure if that will improve things.
The memory allocation option (in Windows) only applies temporarily.
Whenever I open it, Corel shows as either Normal or Above Normal allocation.
Why it changes, I don't know.
If I choose a higher allocation, it changes back next time I check it.
So I think its just an immediate but temporary change, that works if you in the middle of doing something in an open app.

Thats it...I have no other options at the moment.

Thanks for all the input.