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Delivering An Edge with Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise

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As graphics applications, operating systems, and demands on our users change, we have continuously delivered improvements to our driver to improve the productivity of our users.  With the release of AMD Radeon™ PRO Software for Enterprise version 21.Q3, we are continuing our focus on helping our professional workstation users to work faster, more reliably, and with greater efficiency. 

Performance Matters

We have improved our driver performance in professional applications so that our users can stay focused on creating and getting more done faster.  Over the past year, our driver performance has improved by up to 16% on average across a range of viewsets.








1 Radeon PRO Software for Enterprise 21.Q3 vs. 20.Q3 year-over-year SPECviewperf®
2020 benchmark Catia-06 viewset, 3ds Max-07 viewset and all viewset
geomean performance gains using the AMD Radeon™ PRO W5700. 


Viewport Technologies

In version 21.Q2, we launched Radeon PRO Viewport Boost which accelerates selected applications’ performance by dynamically adjusting viewport resolution. 

With version 21.Q3, we are expanding the use case for our full-screen Radeon PRO Image Boost feature which increases resolution to improve image quality.  We are now introducing this functionality for the viewport (Radeon PRO Viewport Image Boost2) with 3ds Max and Revit to deliver:

-  Crisp images in the viewport all the while ensuring that performance is maintained.
-  Improved image quality to provide designers with better information to make informed decisions about what the project will look like and how it will function.

Watch our Viewport Image Boost video here.  















Rock Solid Reliability

AMD Radeon PRO Software for Enterprise drivers provide high-end performance graphics for professional software applications.  Our professional graphics solution includes an extensive application testing and certification process called the Day Zero Certification Program.   This program helps ensure that developers can leverage the latest AMD Radeon PRO Software for Enterprise features combined with the reliability of certified software on the day of the driver release.  Our driver is certified for performance and reliability in over 100 workstation applications, covering the leading software that professionals use.

Work Efficiently Without Borders

How we work and where we work is changing.  Organizations in many industries are now deploying a remote workforce.  AMD Remote Workstation and our remote visualization solution partners enable remote workforces with a fast-to-deploy, simple and cost-effective solution that supports high-end graphics applications on remote desktops. Professional users can Man-using-laptop-on-top-of-mountain.jpgefficiently create their next big thing virtually anywhere.  We now offer support for Teradici® CAS (Cloud Access Software) in addition to ongoing support for VMware Horizon®, Citrix® Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft® Remote Desktop, and HP ZCentral® Remote Boost. 







Delivering An Edge

Our focus on continuous improvement and innovation led us to develop our latest driver that delivers an edge through such features and benefits as performance, reliability, and remote working. 

Keeping your graphics driver updated is crucial for getting good performance from your software applications.  Download the latest AMD Radeon PRO Software for Enterprise driver here.


Kevin Jessop is Product Marketing Manager for AMD. His postings are his own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies or opinions. Links to third party sites are provided for convenience and unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such linked sites and no endorsement is implied.


1 Testing conducted by AMD Performance Labs as of August 25, 2021, on the AMD Radeon™ PRO Software for Enterprise 21.Q3 using Radeon™ W5700 GPU running SPECviewperf® 2020 at 4K. Results may vary based on factors including hardware configuration and driver version. SPEC® and the benchmark SPECviewperf® are registered trademarks of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Learn more at  RPS-138

2 The Radeon™ PRO Viewport Image Boost feature is currently compatible with Radeon PRO Graphics cards W5500, W5700, W6600 and W6800, and requires Radeon PRO Software for Enterprise version 21.3 or newer. It also currently is compatible with Autodesk 3ds Max® and Autodesk Revit®. Other professional software products to be announced.  GD-194


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About the Author
Kevin Jessop is the Product Marketing Manager for Radeon PRO Software at AMD.