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AMD Radeon™ Pro Software for Enterprise 21.Q1 Delivers Improved Usability for Exceptional Efficiency

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Today, AMD is releasing its first quarterly Radeon™ Pro Software for Enterprise driver of 2021, 21.Q1. This release features our completely redesigned user interface now available for professional users. The new update is more productive and places the most in-demand features right at your fingertips. Access full functionality of your Radeon GPU while you work - without ever leaving your project. Take advantage of the same interface experience as your desktop and work efficiently with the intuitive UI catering to your needs.

Improved UI

Radeon™ Pro Software 21.Q1 has completely revamped its GPU user interface and has been simplified so users can more easily adjust their settings and start creating. Gain access to a modern UI designed from the ground up for the needs of professional users. Take advantage of the new, efficient, and easy to use interface to suit all of your needs. Launch your apps from a single UI, and easily access to your favorite features. Work efficiently without ever leaving your project by utilizing the improved overlay to monitor performance, record, stream and access the built-in browser.



With this quarterly update there are fantastic performance improvements for enterprise professionals. AMD Radeon™ Pro Software for Enterprise 21.Q1 delivers usability and performance where it counts and is optimized with every release in key performance scenarios. Take advantage of the improvements to accelerate your ability to create.

Improved Radeon™ Pro Software UI at a Glance


Gain access to your recently used applications and launch them all from within Radeon™ Pro Software. Check out your latest media and captures or start recording right from the home page. Use the tutorial section to learn more about the new UI.


 Access to all your applications, tune individual per-application settings to get your projects started.

Record & Stream

The Record & Stream tab allows Users to take advantage of the advanced video streaming capabilities built into our software, for an efficient way to collaborate, present projects, train, and support team members. Access AMD’s powerful professional grade solution for high-resolution screen capture, recording, and video streaming. Media Capture and Sharing (formerly Radeon™ Pro ReLive) makes it easy for anyone to capture videos, images or gifs and save them to their computer to view or share later.


Adjust your fan and your monitor graphics card with the revised Performance Tuning layout.  Fan Tuning (formally Fan Control) allows for adjusting fan speeds to a user’s desired setting. Monitor GPU clock speeds, temperature and more.

AMD Radeon™ Pro Overlay

Radeon™ Pro Overlay is the in-app user interface for one-click access and control of Media and Capture and Sharing (formally Radeon™ Pro ReLive), including webcam overlay controls, performance monitoring and graphics settings, allowing you to enable features, monitor performance and leverage recording and streaming capabilities. Do all this and more without leaving your project.

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These updates to Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise, power your creative experience. Leverage the streamlined UI, and improved performance to maximize your workflow.


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