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Journeyman III

Ryzen Master failed to initialize

I can't run Ryzen master at all, i've tried uninstalling, clearing CMOS, deleting previous registry keys, basically anything you could think of

I'm looking to overclock my RAM, since my motherboard doesn't support it, and i've done it before, but now I can't since it wont start

Edit: In case it matters, my specs are:

  1. R5 2600
  2. Some prebuilt B550 board
  3. Green samsung RAM sticks (16GB 2667mhz, came with prebuilt)

Edit number two:

Event viewer says this..

The AMDRyzenMasterDriverV13 service failed to start due to the following error:
A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer.

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jonkke8, sounds like the installer has a problem.  Please tell me what version you are trying to install.  I just DLed the latest version and will do some investigation. You should open a support request with AMD. Enjoy, John.

EDIT: I am running the same one as the latest (  Here is the SHA256 hash so you can check your installer: 07AE7CA0651CD00B999AF8B7B7ECBCA80B0BC1B5A8714317BBAC99A1454A01AC