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Adept I

Ryzen 5 3600 All game freeze for 1 second after every 60 seconds

I have build a new PC. The problem is whenever I play any game, I constantly get freeze or FPS drop after every 60 seconds and FPS comes back to normal after 1second of FPS drop. Example- CS GO FPS drops from 280 to 120 and come back to normal 280 after 1 second. You can easily notice the FPS drop problem in games like CS-GO, but it's hard to find in Dota or any other graphics game, maybe because in CS everything is clear and that game is FPS. But the problem is there for other games too but that is not easily noticeable. I have updated everything. My games are also updated. I formated and installed fresh everything a few times. I even tried changing Vcore voltage from BIOS and changed XMP profile but I'm getting the same issue again and again. This problem starts after 15-20 mins of PC start. I don't think this is Heating issue because everyone is complaining about high idle temp and I have good fans in my cabinet. 3 in front, 2 on top and 1 in back. I'm using stock CPU cooler that comes in Ryzen box. Here is my PC specification:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Asrock B450M Pro 4-F Motherboard

ADATA XPG Spectrix D41 RGB 3000MHz 8GB*2 - Red Kit

Asus Dual Geforce RTX 2060 6GB

Kingston A400 960GB SATA SSD

Coolermaster MB511 Non-RGB Chesis

CoolerMaster 550W MWE

BenQ XL2411P 144Hz Monitor

Windows 10 Pro (Updated)

When I first, started my PC for the very first time after building and installing all Windows and drivers. I got a bluescreen issue. I have attached screenshots for that but after reinstalling nVidia and few drivers solved that problem. Before that, I had never tested any games on it because that was a brand new PC. After that when I tested i found constant freeze or FPS(ex in CS GO FPS drops from 280 to 120 at come back to normal 280 after 1 second) drop after every 60seconds. 

Please help, I have updated everything. I'm getting this issue from start. Is my Ryzen 3600 defect?

My GPU is perfect and max temp for GPU is 58 Degree Celcius while playing CS-Go, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG PC, etc. 

MY CPU temp is 50-55*C when idle and around 65-70 while playing games mentioned above. Everyone said the same temp, so I think it's not a heating issue. My max temp while playing went to 82* Celcius that too only a few times rarely.

Note: I have never overclocked my GPU and CPU. Only changed XMP profile from BIOS for testing but now changed everything to default.

Please Help..!!! Thanks

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Adept III

First check on mobo bios, if its latest, clear CMOS, change nothing

Check if Win10 is build 1903

Check for AMD chipset drivers, its required for ryzen power plan

Change balanced power plan to "ryzen balanced"

Check nvidia soft CPU usage, I had problem with nvidia container, using %10 CPU cycle, reducing performance

BIOS is updated. Even Windows and all other drivers are updated. I'm using Ryzen balanced power plan. Still getting this issue. I have not checked the CMOS that you said. Can you please tell me the steps to clear CMOS or explain what kind of problems that can give? Thanks


Just for troubleshooting purposes, try running your game in a "Clean" Windows Desktop. This is basically like running safe mode in a Desktop environment. It will disable all 3rd party drivers from starting. If are able to run your games in a Clean Windows Desktop without freezing then that would indicate a 3rd party driver or program is causing your freezing issues.

It is very simple to do. Here is how to boot into a Clean Windows Desktop: 

EDIT: You can also "Stress Test" your GPU and CPU and PSU by using OCCT and see if the problem occurs while under heavy Stress. I would first stress the CPU, Then the GPU and last the PSU. 

There are many others programs you can use to Stress test your CPU and GPU besides OCCT. I personally like OCCT because it stress tests the PSU.


I have not tried "Clean" Windows desktop and OCCT. I will check these and will update soon. Thanks for the guide.


I had a similar problem with my new 2600X build last year in all my games. 

Do you by any chance use the sata connection cables from your new MB ? With me at least 1 was faulty and caused a large part of these problems.

You should check what your windows logs say. When playing, keep the windows log open and when it occurs check if you get a notification. It should be error messages revolving around AHCI controllers or around Nvidia/AMD grafics card drivers because it uses these controllers obviously.

Also even with it being a new installtion of windows 10  I deleted the whole windows after I changed cables and reinstalled and after that all worked normal. 

Naturally use all latest drivers and bios.

Hello Sir,

I tried but unable to find or understand logs which you said. I'm a normal user who only has one PC and that too I m not expert in assembling PC. So, cant does change cable alone. Can you please guide me to read logs so that I can find the issue if it is same. What error will be in the log ? How to identify them. Please help


How to view Windows application errors using Window Event Viewer - Atlassian Documentation 

Basically all errors are of course bad. 

You should check application and system logs.

Let me see how it looks like with you. 

Adept III

a small possibility but could you try disabling "core boost" to lock top speed at 3.6GHz?

this way you can troubleshoout if VRM or PSU voltage spikes are not causing the problem


I tried changing that by changing Process Power Management in Plan settings to 99% or even 90%, but nothing helped.:(


try it on bios, there is disacle core boost command in AMD CPU config section, looks like power dalivery on your psu is a bit problematic


I tried. but not working for me. Still getting the same issue. Even I tried lower values like 90% but still it didn't help.


I had similar problem with DX:MD game, locked fps at 70 (my monitor rate) with rivatuner and its not happening

Also DooM multi gets similar because of 200fps, dropping and stuttering, I use 140fps cap with rivatuner and problem solved, constatnt 140fps

I guess short bursts of full CPU power causing this, as my 3600 goes from 24Amps to 36amps for a short duration due to high fps and then game gets stutter due to fps drop from 90-100 to 30-40's

Mobo is B350m, gues 16Mb bios'es cant solve all requirements or these new series, hope 1003ABBA will solve this

Adept I

After 2 months of troubleshooting, I found the solution. The problem was with SSD(i use only 1 SSD of 960GB). That was very minor problem which undetectable. After changing each hardware one by one i found the solution. Changed my SSD. Now, it runs perfectly. No issues. Thanks for the help guys.

In my case I xchanged the SATA further comment...thx