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New 3700x failing to post

Hello everybody!
I bought used ryzen 7 3700x CPU, which was working absolutely fine for seller.
When I installed it into my pc I couldn't boot with default/auto frequencies and voltage, I had to higher voltage and lower frequency (to 3.5GHz) to boot, otherwise pc was just rebooting before OS screen. It was working fine then (yes, lower frequency and no boost but it's fine I guess), but like a month later it could boot only with ~3.4GHz, and weeks later(now) its only 3.25GHz.
I had it first on my old Asus Prime B350 motherboard with GoodRam IRDM overclocked to 2933MHz, and then I switched to ASRock x570 phantom gaming 4 with G.Skill AEGIS 3200 xmp RAM, still have same effect. Had no chance to test new mb/ram with old CPU(Ryzen 5 1600), but with old ones it was working fine.
I tried to use Ryzen Master to tweak cpu, but it wont boot if I turn something like OC on.

It is not overheating for sure, when I could boot I run stress tests to ensure, during which temps were below critical.

Maybe I am missing something?

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Sounds like silicon degradation, but I wonder if a bad PSU could do something similar - sounds a bit unlikely though. If memory controller is not stable, lowering CPU clockspeed could help, so have you tried the opposite and lowered the memory speed to say 2666MHz and try to run the CPU at stock voltage and clockspeeds?

How confident are you that it ran ok with previous owner? Do you know the person?

How high is the CPU voltage you are using? 1.325V is highest it should be and I wouln't like to use even that.

Trying with another PSU might be something to try, but it does kind of sound like your CPU is done.


Yes, I tried to use lover RAM speed as well, has no effect.
Well, not 100% sure about the person, so yeah, I might have got scammed
I use more than 1.325V, like 1.35 or above
Already ordered new CPU, if it wont work then only PSU or Graphics card left as causes


You mentioned temps were below critical. How high were they when idling/when gaming?

Since you mentioned changin memory kit, changin motherboard and that system used to work with previous CPU and that running the machine at high voltage and low clockspeed makes it work better, it does sound like a CPU issue.

My recommendation would be though, not to use that much voltage for longer periods of time when you get another CPU. I know some use even higher, but I doubt that is a good thing and perhaps is what destroyd your CPU when previous owner used it. Did you ask him what voltage he used?


No, I did not, but myself I was using Ryzen 1600 with something close to 1.4V absolutely fine for a couple of years without any issues.
I said nothing to seller because I thought my old B350 motherboard/lower memory frequency were an issue, now its surely too late
For temps its now ~43C idle and ~80 after minutes under full load


"I was using Ryzen 1600 with something close to 1.4V absolutely fine for a couple of years"

1) 1000 series was what... 12nm or 14nm process. 3700X is 7nm.

2) A couple of years, sure.. In the long run... I wouldn't.

I run a 3800X at around 1.29V at 4.2GHz


Okay, I was not diving deep into this specifications, but with my new CPU I will at least try somewhat lower voltage. Thank you for help! And after my tests I will come back here with results.


I played around a little bit more, and now, when my new CPU arrived to post, my old CPU works absolutely fine, now running stress test with 4GHz and 1.3V
Guess for now I will leave new CPU on post for a couple of days