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Journeyman III

My 3800X Shown operating at Voltages from beyond this Relam

screenshot shows it all........
Updated my Bios! 
i had to go in to monitor and put on Ignore on my cpu core voltage just to boot! 

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nergaard2k, that is obviously nonsense. Please open a support request with your MB vendor. We would like to know your system components and the results of your session with the main board vendor. Post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM). Thanks and enjoy, John.


Your previous BIOS was showing correctly?

If it was can you downgrade back to BIOS version 4801, the previous BIOS version, and see if it still is showing the incorrect voltages for your CPU?

Could be a bug in the latest BIOS version. Downgrading the BIOS will eliminate that part of the equation since you just updated the BIOS recently.

Journeyman III

well i managed to get it fixed on my own! but oh my what a hassle!
first i tried upgrading my bios,   did not work!
and after alot of tinkering  i did a hard wipe by shorting the pins!
did not work at first!  but it resulted in it going from showing 47V to showing 0

and after i started putting an lga socket mobo and a intel processor in my shopping cart and mildly threathening the 3800X with replacement it suddenly flopped to 1.3-1.45V in AI suite! 
quite the coincidence!  but yeah all in all seems its not a Uncommon issue with the asus b450-i Gaming Mobo

apparently alot of other people have had the same issues with theirs aswell.

Thanks, nergaard2k. I do not know what AI suite is but I strongly urge you not to use it, use Ryzen Master (RM). Enjoy, John.