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Getting the CPU Serial # via software?

Is there a way to get the serial number of a CPU via some software?

The reason I ask is that I think I am going to RMA my Threadripper 3990X (I keep getting WHEA errors...and Asus's BIOS is pointing fingers at the CPU); I do not know where the processor box is; and I used Coollaboratories Liquid Pro as the TIM, which is going to make reading the serial kind of difficult.


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I couldn't find any 3rd party app (CPUID & SPECCY) that would show the CPU S/N nor any Windows Command lines (wmic bios get serialnumber) nor in Windows Information page.

Enter your Motherboard's BIOS and it might show your Processor's Serial Number listed there. I used the above Command line and it came back blank.

The only thing I could suggest is to contact the Retailer where you purchased the processor. They should have the Processor's Serial Number on record in case you need to return it back to them or for warranty reasons.

Maybe if you open a AMD Support - Warranty ticket and give them a copy of your Retailer's Receipt they might be able to get the Serial Number from the Retailer or they can explain how to get the Serial number if it is unreadable and you don't have the AMD Retail box from here:


I think there won't be any software to do this. I've read that Pentium 3s used to support software asking for the serial number. But, that was discontinued because of privacy concerns (basically, if software could access it, that would be a totally unique tracking id).

If you didn't take a picture of the cpu before installing it, and if it's not readable any more (besides the fact that you'd have to remove the cooler before you could even see it), I agree with elstaci that the retailer might actually have a record of what they sold you. I don't see serial numbers on my invoices, but who knows what retailers might keep.