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Journeyman III

Amd Ryzen Master unable to initialize

I install the software and it gives me this error when I try to run it : "AMD Ryzen Master unable to initialize"

I have Ryzen 7 2700, Windows 10 , Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 1.

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Big Boss

geumurbanum, please see here.  If you do not have the AMD chip set drivers from here, do that first.  Use Manually Select Your Driver.  Make sure you have a freshly installed W10, NOT a cloned copy or disk from another system.  Enjoy, John.


I have the same issue here, I have reinstalled Windows, every drivers. Can't make Ryzen master work 

Adept I

Hard to believe but for me the issue was that my BIOS was out of date and hence only "partially" supported my CPU. 

Adept I

I've just (yesterday) but my Threadripper 3960X build with an ASUS PRIME TRX40-PRO motherboard and can't get AMD Ryzen Master working.

I get the same message as the original poster in this thread, I've updated Windows, updated BIOS for the motherboard and installed the latest AMD Chipset Drivers and reinstalled the software (AMD Ryzen Master) several times.

I'm running a clean install of Windows 10, and even re-installed Windows from scratch once without any success.

I can't find any logs regarding this error message, neither on the hard drive or in the event viewer.



Amd Ryzen Master unable to initialize

Open regedit and delete the directory-X represents whatever number(could be v13/v14).After deleted then Ryzen Master will start without reinstall.


Thank you very much. Worked for me.


That is awesome glad I could help.


Worked for me too. I created an account just to thank you

Does it mean to delete this directory: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\AMDRyzenMasterDriverV1X"?

Or delete some specific files in this directory?


Delete the whole directory,yes that is correct.

I am curious how would you say Open regedit and delete the directory,did I miss say what to do or not make it clear enough


No. It doesn't. I just wanted to confirm it again as Ryzen Master on my PC is still not working, even though I delete the whole directory as you said; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\AMDRyzenMasterDriverV14.

My PC is based on the Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme motherboard with AMD Threadripper 3970X CPU and WD SN750 Black NVMe SSD 1TB. OS is Windows 10 Pro and the original BIOS version was F0, but I updated it to the latest version; F3f. Do you think is there any relation between these specifications and my Ryzen Master working problem?


I would send a support ticket to AMD ,it certainly worked for other's .

Probably a bit late in the day to say this, but it initially appeared not to work for me. Then I rebooted and it's worked fine since. I had v13 & v14 and deleted both directories.

I tried as you said, then it worked. But it seems it's just temporary.

Removing the directory above again and rebooting the computer, Ryzen master ordinary worked.

However, it became malfunctioning again when I rebooted the computer one more.

Removing the directory once more did work, but it turned back to malfunction after rebooting.

In my case, I only had a V14 directory, which revived every time I rebooted my PC though I deleted it.


I can confirm the same on TRX40! Delete the folder, reboot, app works fine. Reboot again, app is broken. Then repeat the same cycle. App is definitely broken.


!!!!!Thank you so much!

I deleted "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\AMDRyzenMasterDriverV20" , and I still cannot open Ryzen master. 

Then I rebooted and my temp and freq show up now!!!

My cpu is 7800X3D and mainboard is ROG STRIX B650-A. Your answer solved my problem.


Maybe a little bit late. But for me, nothing is working. Ryzen master dont want to start

Adept I

Hello all,

I may have some good news for you.

I have discovered why my RYZEN MASTER has been failing, and it is a conflict with NZXT CAM. Just exit CAM from the System Tray, then launch RYZEN MASTER with no trouble.

FYI, I have discovered a similar conflict between HWiFO and ThermalTake TT RGB Plus. Exiting RGB Plus allows HWiFO to run as well.


thank you. after seeing what you did to get it booting, i tried the same with other system software. mine was asus AI utility. i closed it from tray and ryzen master booted. trying to run master with ai suite running in the background again, i got the error. my hunch came from regedit showing the driver being run from that asus ai suite folder for whatever reason (its the folder right above the one recommended to delete above).