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Adept I

AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D issues

Hi, so the situation is that my CPU is at its limit and is starting to piss me off.

To understand why, for some reason this CPU is constantly not having the necessary power supply appearently and I have no idea what could be the reason.

I got 1000W and it dosent seem to be the case that it cannot get the power it just needs me to go into cmd and give the commands: /SETACVALUEINDEX SCHEME_CURRENT SUB_PROCESSOR IDLEDISABLE 000 and /SETACTIVE SCHEME_CURRENT so the computer realises how much power is dedicated to the CPU. Somebody got an Idea what could be the reason for that?


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Big Boss

Mahluni, I am really curious to know what you are talking about. Please explain what commands you are talking about and to what  software. It seems you have trouble with English and it is hard to understand what you are saying. Perhaps write in your native language and translate into English.

In order to offer any help you must list all your parts. Thanks, John.


Hi John,

Thanks for your response and willingness to help. I apologize if my initial message was unclear, I admit my frustration got the better of me . Here’s a detailed explanation of the issue and what I’ve done so far:

I'm experiencing performance issues with my AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D CPU. It seems like the CPU is not getting the necessary power supply consistently. Despite having a 1000W power supply, I frequently encounter performance drops, which is quite frustrating.

To temporarily resolve this issue, I’ve been using the Command Prompt with the following commands:



These commands help to ensure that the computer recognizes and dedicates the correct amount of power to the CPU. However, I’m not sure why I need to manually run these commands for the system to function properly. I use Windows 10 Pro which has been newly installed due to the new mainboard.

The system components are all new and heat is not an issue.


Any insights or suggestions on why this might be happening and how to fix it permanently would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



Thanks, Mahluni. We need to see all your parts. I really need to see a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) when you are experiencing this problem. Also post a screenshot of RM running Cinebench R24 multicore. I have never seen any users using PowerCfg and I think it is not necessary. If you got the idea from Microsoft, I would suggest this is not needed. The main board is probably the part that needs looking into. The VRM on the MB is responsible for delivering the needed current to the processor. I would suggest doing a Clear CMOS and see if that helps. I do not know how to remove the effects of the commands but if you do, please remove them. Perhaps doing a System Restore back to before you ever used the PowerCfg commands, or even a fresh install of W10 after formatting the C: disk. John.


Hi John,

Thank you for your concern and assistance. I appreciate your input.

To address your points:

  1. The PowerCfg commands I used are merely temporary changes to ensure that the PC adheres to the selected power plan. These changes do not persist after a restart and must be reapplied each time the system boots.

  2. I have attached the screenshots you requested:

    • A screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) while experiencing the problem.
    • A screenshot of RM running Cinebench R24 multicore.
  3. Unfortunately, clearing the CMOS did not resolve the issue.

Given this, I plan to focus my troubleshooting efforts more on the BIOS settings or potential influences from AMD software, as these could also affect the power plan and CPU performance.


Also here are my components:

- msi tomahawk wifi amd x670e  (mainboard)

- be quiet! pure Power 12M 1000W (PSU)


- Palit Geforce RTX4080 (GPU)

- Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 Black (CPU cooling)

- AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D (CPU of course)


Please let me know if you need any further information or if you have additional suggestions.

Thank you again for your help.


Mahluni, first you are running in Game Mode which turns off half your cores. And even with only 6 cores you are at almost 80C. AMD says "Liquid cooler recommended for optimal performance". I suspect your cooler is not up to the job. I need to see the full image of RM while running Cinebench. Please stay out of BIOS and I do not know what AMD software you are talking about. All AMD drivers should come from here. I mainly need to understand what the complaint is. What makes you think the CPU is not getting sufficient power? What is (are) the symptom(s)? Thanks, John.


RM_Cinebench.PNGTaskmanager after Command.PNGTaskmanager.PNGHi John,

Thank you for your detailed response and assistance. I appreciate your insights.

To address your points:

  1. Game Mode: I activated Game Mode to see if it would resolve the issue, but unfortunately, it did not. I understand now that it turns off half the cores, which may not be ideal for benchmarking. I will attach a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) running Cinebench in normal mode for a more accurate assessment.

  2. Temperature Concerns: The high temperature is indeed a concern, and I plan to address it soon. I have been hesitant about liquid cooling, despite its established reliability, but I understand its necessity for optimal performance with my current setup.

  3. AMD Software: I apologize for any confusion regarding the AMD programs. I only use AMD Ryzen Master and AMD Software Adrenaline Edition, but I am not as familiar with their use as I should be. This might be why I have trouble fully understanding some of your recommendations.

  4. Primary Issue: The main problem is that the CPU usage spikes to 100% without any apparent reason, even when all programs are closed. No background processes justify this level of usage. Updating drivers and other attempts did not change this behavior, except for the temporary solution provided by the PowerCfg commands I mentioned earlier.

Please find the attached screenshot of RM running Cinebench in normal mode. I also added some screenshots of what the taskmanager shows usually and after the commands. I appreciate any further guidance you can provide to help resolve this issue. 

Thank you again for your support.


You still here with me John?


Sorry, Mahluni, got lost. I still do not understand your problem. Windows is a really poor reporter of CPU usage and should usually be ignored. This is why I asked for RM. Just because Windows says CPU usage is 100% means little if you do not have other complaints. When Ryzen is given a task from the OS, it goes full blast to complete it and the CPU usage spikes. Why Windows reports this as 100% when there are more cores asleep, I do not know. Windows does all kinds of things, such as logging events (see Event Log) which spikes CPU usage when "nothing" is going on.

I have no use for images of Cinebench. Yes, bench marking with all cores is necessary. Please let me know what I missed. John.



so the point is that windows shows pretty accurately that for some reason the CPU is running on 100% except if I use the commands, it is not only a  visiual difference via task manager but also visible in games where a stuttering framerate of 30 fps rises to a stable 60 fps.

Adept I

Hi. Fellow 7900X3D user here!

Maybe you can go to Motherboard settings (BIOS) and try using PBO? PBO + Undervolt can result in higher frequency and lower power consumption as well. PBO in essence will make MB to use its "higher power settings" (I personally have been using PBO and negative 20 All core Curve Optimizer in BIOS for last 8 months... no instability + higher clocks + lower power consumption).

I use -20 to all core curve optimizer. some use -30 but for me it is unstable (PC will freeze).


@Mahluni wrote:

for some reason this CPU is constantly not having the necessary power supply

BTW how did you come to this conclusion? Is CPU under-performing?

My CPU-Z bench is 700 Single Core and 11400 Multi Thread (benchmark 17.01.64). You can try benching your CPU and compare to my result for example...

(This is almost in an idle state with nothing but 2 firefox tabs open on Win 7)


BTW I have exact same CPU Cooler as you (unfortunately not the black colour though)!

Also I have MSI B650 Tomahawk.


Hey man, sorry for my late reply, I got quite some work on me.


As far as I can see it should already use PBO. 

And for your question, it actually does not live to its performance if I am not using commands. For some reason, this simple command which just says do what you already should do is enough to get from meh, to actually quite decent. The result of the benchmark I used to compare was the same with the command but always below 500 if I didnt. 


Yeah the CPU cooler looked pretty nice but was way bigger than I expected it to be. I am pretty happy with the mainboard so far as well, especially cause I can finally use WIFI without much extras.



@Mahluni wrote:

As far as I can see it should already use PBO. 

What do you mean? It will never use PBO unless specifically enabled through BIOS! (at least mine never used it)

BTW while you wait here for response, you could also go to MSI Website and open a ticket there and also create a Topic on MSI AMD Forums. The responses there are quite fast and also it would be possible that Motherboard is to blame and not the CPU?

Hope it gets fixed soon!