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Journeyman III

5800X3D Post Issues

In January, I put together a new system to replace my old all in one dinosaur.  The system was assembled with the following list of parts for the start-up run to see if everything worked.  Which also included the latest UEFI-Bios updating to assure the end result of running the 5800x3d properly.


MSI X570s RPG Edge Max WIFI

1300-Watt EVGA Platinum Power Supply

Ryzen 4600G for testing system

128 GB (4x32 GB) PC3200 Corsair Memory

500GB SSD (Windows 10 installed)

XFX 580 Black Edition (8 GB) Video Card


Now, the system functions great with the 4600G, but the 5800x3d will not post consistently and gets stuck about 9 out of 10 times.  I have cleared CMOS, redid a fresh bios multiple times with even fresh MSI downloads saved to different under 16gb sized thumb drives to assure fat32 partitioning, and I even ran the stripped-down board bios update in an attempt to fix the issue.  I am just starting to wonder if there were a string of these that came off the line in not 100% working condition or if the #12 bios update that should have covered the 5800x3d for the x570s was corrupted under the #14 bios accumulative updating?  I have noticed that there are a few mentions of bad 5800x3d processors on the boards as well as on other website boards.  I would understand if it never posted at all, but it has a few times, so I don't get this one at all.  Especially, since I have been building and repairing computers since there was a "kb" on memory sticks and you were a huge if you were sporting a 2 GB hard drive!    


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You need BIOS Version or newer for your new processor to be recognized and to boot up.

128GB of RAM is not common on most Motherboard QVL Lists for RAM. Is your RAM listed on MSI SUPPORT Mobo QVL List for the 5000 series processor by any chance?

Here is the entire QVL list for RAM for Corsair for the 5000 series processors. There are only 2 RAM Part Numbers that support 128GB@3200Mhz:

Screenshot 2023-02-03 150526.png

I would just try to boot up with one stick of RAM in A2 DIMM Slot to see if it boots up or not.

What Motherboard Trouble LED lights or Digital Codes or Beep sequence are indicated when it doesn't boot up?

Make sure all the power cables from the PSU to the Motherboard are connected or it won't boot up.

All of the above is just probably verifying everything that you have done already.

I would use BIOS to find out if it is the CPU or RAM that is causing the issue by disconnecting all hardware from the Motherboard except the PSU, CPU, Windows Drive and apply power.

IF the CPU passes the POST BIOS Test the CPU Trouble LED or Digital Code should go out and the DIMM Trouble LED or Digital Code should indicate DRAM issue (no RAM installed). This would indicate that your CPU passed the BIOS test at POST.

Add one stick of RAM to DIMM Slot A2 and see what Trouble LED or Digital Code is showing. Continue until you have isolated the issue to a specific hardware.




Nitehawk13, there are few bad processors, just mainly bad MBs, drivers and settings. I would doubt AMD would ship "...not 100% working condition..." processors. What are MSI downloads? What OS are you running? Is your install disk GPT? Is Compatibility mode turned off? Enjoy, John.