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Journeyman III

5800X3D idling 50-60C and hits 90+ in gaming

im currently using Noctua NH-D15S with single fan and i have literally no clue about these temps going this high. Im really desperate...

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Do you live in a hot area? Someone else posted something similar yesterday. Possibly a bad mount? I'd tell you to try and remount the cooler. I'm using a BeQuiet Pure Rock cooler (added a second fan) and my temps while gaming rarely hits above 75c.

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abs1nthe, please do not rebuild your machine before you present some usable information about system. First install the latest Ryzen Master and post a screenshot. Your processor maximum temperature is 90C and will shut down above, so I doubt you have gone above 90C. There are many temperature reporting applications, most are bad and should not be used.  Please describe your system. Enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

The cooler mounted perfectly well and yeah the monitor program that i was using might be faulty too but i was monitoring it through the amd adrenalin software though(in-game). It shouldn't be that faulty right?




abs1nthe, thanks for the RM image but in the future, please post the entire screen not cutting parts. I am currently running a generation 1 Ryzen (1950x) so I do not yet understand RM but it looks like to me perhaps you have made changes in the BIOS.  Please do a Clear CMOS, remove the bad software and post another screenshot of RM running the latest Cinebench.  Please do not post any images of Cinebench running, just the result. Still need you to post your specifications.

Both you and crystalyser have a TDC of 105W but crystalyser has a much better cooler than you.

Enjoy, John.

Adept III

with ryzen master my temps are just terrible and "Curve Optimizer in RyzenMaster" causes undervoltage reboots when windows send some core's in idle mode (less cpu usage: watching yt or something like this)

If i do it via Bios it runs without problems an more undervolting is possible...

And since the last chipset driver update + windows 11 upate ( released both at nearby same time)
my idle temp (5800X with 240mm AiO) rises from +-37°C to strongly fluctuating 42 -60°C and
ingame from  68-70°C to 80°C @ Hunt: Showdown 1440P.....

i just can handle it with moderate success since i use "Process Lasso".
i forced the priority of less important task's to "lower important" and restrict the number of cores they can use
i always run the energysaving mode and just preset the "high performance mode" when a task of any game is running.

I will still need to install a 360mm AiO because the boost clock throttles anyway (reducing boost clock starts at +- 80°C)....

CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X; 4,9ghz LLC3; - Kühlung: Corsair AiO H100x 240mm
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my cpu is more likely can generate much more temperature than a 5800x i suppose... but thats not the real problem. The real problem is when i see youtube benchmarks and 3dmark pages of people who uses 5800x3D the temps i see are ridiculously low when it is compared to mine(50 to 70 under heavy loads and gaming). As i mentioned my cpu cooler ( which is one of the best air coolers atm ) i dont really understand this situation at all.


I have a 5900x stock + PBO enable and a had similar temps wile gaming. Sometimes getting to 86ªC. I had a 240 mm aio. After changed to a 360 mm aio + case, my gaming temps are 59-65 ºC.