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PC Building


Welcome Back to the POLARIS reboot. The computer is still alive but its about to suffer a dramatic change in the next week.

I'll post photos step by step as soon as possible. For now you can revisit the POLARIS thread and say farewell.

BONUS: From the TMNT, Raphael is the one with the red stripe, maybe a Red Team member? IDK.. 😁


The CPU will change.. by A LOT!


And to keep up, a Strix X670E Board. I was going for the B650E version E Gaming as it is similar if not better featured than the X670E version A Gaming but QVL listings were very weak and shroud design plus the poor RGB looked more like mid tier for the price difference.


The RAM was a no brainer, went for G.Skill Trident Z Neo with EXPO


No upgrade was done on the Ryujin as it is compatible with AM5, I'm a bit worried since a 240 radiator design may not be the best for a chip like the 7950X but I'm willing to either seriously undervolt it or use Eco Mode 105TDP.

I will be getting a new case much later since I've spent my "allowance" on the board and ram.

GPU was the last change and a RX6800 will be fit for duty.



GPURoG Strix RX6800OC 16Gb
BOARDRoG Strix X670E-A Gaming
RAMG.Skill 32Gb 6000Mhz
PSURoG Strix 750Watt
CASECorsair Obsidian 450D
STORAGE 1Corsair Mp510 480Gb NVME
COOLERRoG Ryujin 240 Noctua iPPC
INTAKE FAN2x Noctua NF A14 Chromax
EXHAUSTNoctua NF A12x15 Chromax
KEYBOARDRoG Claymore II Wireless
MOUSERoG Gladius II Origin
MOUSE (UPGRADE)RoG Gladius III Wireless



The Englishman
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New goodies!  The fun is just about to begin. Looking forward to following the build.

Community Manager

Always look forward to your builds @johnnyenglish! Can't wait to follow the journey with this rig. 

Community Manager

EEEE This is exciting!! I cannot wait to see the final build. 


Raph was always my favorite Ninja Turtle.

I remember all the way back to the Eastman & Laird cartoon series, comic books, the first live action movies... 😄

Performance over Pretty.

= Lets keep the post rolling =

I'm going to start the build this weekend and I'm gonna push the limits of my Windows. But more on this later.

I always had a feeling of going with some white parts to create a different statement and looks.
But buying for style only, can be a bad choice, so I put 4 boards up for comparison.

RoG Strix B650E E-Gaming
RoG Strix X670E E-Gaming
RoG Strix X670E A-Gaming
ASUS Prime X670E Pro Wifi

3 with the top of line X670E and 1 with the lower tier B650E

My previous board was a RoG Strix B450 E version, had very powerful VRM, I could easily deal with a OC'ed 5950X but the 7950X does not want to play with AM4 boards.

As a tinkerer I would like a solid VRM configuration to keep the 7950X happy.


This is were the Prime and TUF boards get limited, for standard users? Sure. Save a buck a get one.
Since the RoG Strix B650E E Gaming has almost the same IO, better PCB, features and Better VRM.
This is where the Prime leave the comparison. And it would look strange in a complete RoG build.

I then turned to the X670E E because its fully loaded, second only to the RoG Flagships like the Crosshair.
I has everything but then again, lots of things that I won't use at all.
Like the dual 16x PCI-E slots that can work in a 8x + 8x crossfire, but crossfire is pretty much dead for the average gamer.


The price then....
Well, not gonna happen.


Upper tier B650E or Mid tier X670E?

The B650E E had the LED troubleshooter, very handy.


But in the end, I wanted a white board, affordable, good VRM (both equally good on this), Better RGB design, the X670E and finally what kills everything.

The Ram I wanted was not on the QVL listing of the B650E E gaming.


After a long decision, the RoG Strix X670E A Gaming arrived costing me less than the version E of the X670E. With the ram included!



Now the PUSHING part I said before.

I won't install a fresh new Windows. I already changed boards in the past and kept the same OS.
Dang, this Windows installation was a 7, I did the upgrade. I changed GPU several times, changed boards and cloned from the SSD to the NVME.

Guess what? I have no serious stability issues other than the fact that sometimes I push the limits of my OC.

My greatest worry is Armoury Crate, so I'm gonna do a full cleanup of this software before changing boards.

I'll let you know how it went.

And before I go.

Thank You RED TEAM community and Thank You AMD. For this amazing CPU.


The Englishman

I'm wondering about that Armoury Crate software. Should we even install it to begin with?

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Most of RoG users just use OpenRGB instead, but that is only a good idea for 1 to 3 devices.

Those who "Dare" & are into this ecosystem deep, don't really have a choice.

Need it for changing videos on the AIO OLED, to get noise cancelling, macros on the keyboard&mouse, fan curve of the VRM&AIO, game&app profiles, RGB and plenty more.

Its not complete garbage, the GUI is good and has lots of excellent features but regarding stability.. its bad. I don't like the monthly lottery of forced updates.

If something ain't broke, don't fix it with an update!



The Englishman

"If something ain't broke, don't fix it with an update!"

Right on!