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Adept I

Upgrade for my new pc

It's an acer veriton L410 from 2008

It's using the AM2 platform but I'm unsure of cheap CPU's for a good upgrade

also i was wondering to ask AMD if I can get a system as this new computer cant really run much it's using ati Radeon which is slower than the slowest integrated graphics


ddr2 1gb hoping to go to 2gb or 4gb

windows vista I'm going to go to windows 7

barracuda hard drive 7200rpm 160gb I don't have the money to upgrade that.


What i want specs:

AMD ryzen 9 8950X3D

DDR6 12000MHZ crucial ballistix 128gb variant in dual channel


plus an overclockable motherboard a nice case etc

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Adept I

With such an old system, I would set your sights on a more budget-oriented upgrade, with parts that are actually available.

It's generally better to upgrade more often than to buy an extreme system and stay with it very long.

Like what in the athlon 64 xII series 

I would look at a second hand AM4-set. Pretty pointless to spend anything on such an old system.

An option is also a second hand Dell-workstation.


if you want to keep the socket an anthlon64  x2 would do

but if you have the budget for a new pc you could go with a 5500 or a 3600 (if you find it at good prices) and a rx 6600 or a 6600xt with 16gb ddr4 3200 mhz and one kingston m.2 ssd i did make one for you and here are the specs 

a ryzen 5 3600 or a 5 5500


rx 6600 

16  gb of ram 2x8gb preferably at 3200 mhz cl 16 either from kingston or tgroup 

any m.2 ssd preferably 1 tb so you can have some storage 

slap in a case like the aqiris icarus which has 7 fans and a fan controller and is like 40 usd 

and a psu that is 500 to 550 w

this configuration is roughly 500 usd

and you have something that wouldnt cause the museum alarm to go off


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Sorry it's just cause I don't think you understand what I want right now I'm using an AMD sempron and need to upgrade to an athlon with the same power usage.

Adept I

CPU: Ryzen 5500 or 5600X

B450 Motherboard

16  gb of ram 2x8gb 3200 mhz cl 16

1tb (or 2tb if you have games that need a lot storage and benefits from ssd speeds)

650w psu

I also recommend looking at pcpartpicker to keep track of parts you want and the total or look at other budget options other users have put together if that helps.

Volunteer Moderator

You can definitely build an inexpensive AM4 system that would run faster by the time you get parts to upgrade your current system. Those old discontinued parts are getting expensive as they become scarce 

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