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Wrist rests... do you use them?

Say wrist rests five times fast.. jk haha. 

Recently @cpurpe91 and I were chatting on this keyboard thread about wrist rests and wanted to bring everyone else into the conversation. 

I have lots of questions because I think I'm about to order this cloud one from Logitech 👼


Since I've never used one, I'm curious - 

  • Do you find a wrist rest helpful for long periods of typing? 
  • How long did it take for you to get used to using one? 
  • Do you have any others that you recommend? 
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Funny enough, when I was growing up and starting to use the computer more regularly in the late 90s early 2000s - wrist rests were practically mandatory. Anyone in a position of authority was demanding you use them.

Now.... I don't think I've used one in like 15+ years... Maybe I should?

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Interesting.... after doing some quick googling, it seems it's super beneficial to help with carpal tunnel 😥 

I've missed out on this memo for so long... yikes. It may be time for us to invest in our wrists my friend haha. 

Stop being so logical and asking me to take care of myself :'(

I really should look at getting one, especially for work.

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I've been using a wrist rest for the last few years, and it's hard to think about going without one nowadays. As I've gotten older, my wrists aren't what they used to be with all that micro and macro those RTS games have done to me, lol.

It did take a few days to get used to the rest, though! But I think it's worth it for sure. One I use is by a company called Glorious Gaming, and they come in various sizes!

I've seen that brand and always wanted to try one of their keyboards honestly! 

I think I'm already sold on the wrist rest idea hehe 😄 



Thinking about it now, I'm gonna have to get a second one for work. Dang it haha

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I've always used a wrist rest as most mechanical keyboards are too high for me causing wrist ache without on. however last month I made a splurge and got myself the Logitech 915.

due to the really thin chassis and low profile GL switches (I got the tactile brown switches) I no longer feel the need for a wrist rest.

as you can see it really is super thin for a mechanical keyboard 



I got it on amazon for £120, down from the ridiculous £215 Logitech charge direct. 

for £120 it is a fantastic keyboard, so good that if I see it at that price again, I'm probably going to buy another as a spare in case I break this one

I saw these at best buy!! They really are so thin.. I'm too extra with my desk set up and prefer a little pop of color for keyboards haha. 🙂 



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I really like the resin ones this one in particular is awesome. Koi Fish Wrist Rest 



Four Season Resin Wrist Rest  

These are really amazing too. 


I really do need to take better care of my wrists and one of these will make it to my desk in the next few weeks. Etsy has so many cool options if you search "Artisan Wrist Rests". I love the look of nearly all of them. With my setup being a warm wood with orange and red and yellow the Four Seasons Resin Wrist Rests would fit nicely. 

Here a few more I really like.


Moon Landing Keyboard Wrist Rest Resin TKL Wrist Rest GMMK - Etsy


Fossil Keyboard Wrist Rest Dragon Fossil Resin TKL Wrist - Etsy


Shark Ocean Wood Resin Wrist Rest Keyboard Wrist Rest TKL - Etsy


When I got my first Trust Keyboard with a plastic rest, never used a keyboard at home without one. Never felt OK, like my wrists would just be there, hanging in the air. Not good.

Magnetics are the best, you could move them a bit if you have to. Sometimes I do.



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I use wrist rests on all my computers.  I need it for my right wrist that was badly damaged in a 1983 motorcycle accident.  I also use a rest for my trackball mouse (Kensington slimblade).  I know it's hard to use a mouse wrist rest with a normal mouse.  

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

I use a Carpio 2.0 for my mouse hand

Tried a lot of Keyboard wrist rests and I've found I'm best off just putting the keyboard right on the edge of the desk and using my chair

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I find that they just get in the way. Do people still use these? As Jminiboss mentioned, they were around along time ago, even came with keyboards, I hated them then and presume I still do?

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With my wrists the way they are, from falling while I skateboard to just gaming and being on my PC all day, I feel like there is no harm in getting a nice resin one. I really think they can complement a setup as well as help with fatigue. Once I hit my last birthday I noticed I'm not exactly a spring chicken and should probably take better care of myself if I want to be able to play Elder Scrolls 6 and Call of Duty 25 on release. 😉