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Podcasts that You'll Always Recommend

Hey, Red Team

I'm sitting in the office as I write this taking a break from working on some exciting things for you all, and I found myself looking for a podcast to listen to as I worked. 

Podcast.pngMusic is usually my go-to when being productive, but sometimes I like to listen to a good story, learn something new, or have a few soft laughs as I work. So I come to my favorite people asking for any of your favorite podcast recommendations! If you don't listen, no problem - if you're also looking, here are some of my favorites:

The Last Podcast on the Left

3 Guys talk about all things horror, from movies to real life - to ghosts, cults, demons, and everything in between.

The Black Tapes

A serialized docudrama about a journalist diving into paranormal activity.

Comedy Bang Bang

A comedy podcast featuring a variety of celebrities playing a variety of characters that is off the rails. Mostly improv.

The Lovecraft Investigations

Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. A scripted podcast that brings his stories to the present.

How Did This Get Made?

If you've ever watched a movie that's so terrible that it's actually incredible - this is for you. 3 comedians (and sometimes a special guest) go over terrible movies and hilarity ensues.


So if you have any that you enjoy, send them my way!

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Adept III

I generally prefer music, because the podcasts I like tend to require too much focus to be background for working.

I like Michael Malice's "your welcome" podcast. Here, he asks Alex Jones if he's a grifter:

(But usually he talks to one person for about an hour or so at a time)

I also like Americas Untold stories on youtube; but I'd say you might want to filter that for your interest level. Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert go through curated stories about specific topics -- Groubert is a great storyteller, and Eric is usually there to present related material and keep Groubert on the main topic.

Here's a short clip talking about a picture related to Lee Harvey Oswald in the Civil Air patrol:

They also do "Free Form Fridays" where they discuss current events, etc. YMMV

Volunteer Moderator

I don't personally listen to Podcasts, but my wife does.  She likes:  Pivot, Planet Money, Murdaugh Murders, Ultra, Sci Fri, You Missed in History Class, The Daily Beans, The French History Podcast, The Indicator from Planet Money, The Magnus Archives, The Martyrmade Podcast and Why is this Happening - The Chris Hayes Podcast.  It's a wonder why she ever listens to me anymore....

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