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LOCAL IT - Renovations are in Order

Hey everyone!

I haven't yet brought it here in a topic but I've been replying some posts with shorts and some helpful videos around the forum.

As one of my hobbies, I started a channel in the last year with a challenge in mind, improve my communication skills.
I really need to do this because I started to lead, guide, coach and train my IT colleagues. (I'm the Senior Citizen in the Operations Team)

The progress is really slow but I knew that this would take quite a while to catch on, the subscriber base is in fact low but some videos did get quite a bump in views, that motivated me to renovate the set to a more pro level.

The original set, you can still see the garage doors


 Eventually I moved the set, got more lamps (house lamps...) Isolated the sound with textiles to improve things. But still a ZERO costs.


Now, with some videos reaching as far as 6,6 k Views in less than a year, I Got really motivated


With a total of 28k views and growing, its time to get some small improvements, without $pending much and still keep this as a hobby.


Studio quality light (40€), shelving to keep boxes at a minimum (0€), less clutter.
A teleprompter tripod (5€) I have mine on a cardboard box
A dedicated microphone and boom arm (88€), as I was using a cheap MIC at sometimes the phone itself.
Better sound isolation (20€)
Some aesthetic pegboards from IKEAxROG range (20€)



And hope that this can get me more quality views.

If you are interested, drop by and sub the channel. Its a very down to earth review of everything tech (and sometimes not)
Always with a pinch of comic to lighten up. 

Coming videos:
- NieR Automata 2B Action Figure, Gameplay and Book review
- Chip Shortage is OVER! I Finally got a GPU!! Review of RoG Strix RX 6800
- Best Headset for Microsoft TEAMS
- Is it enough for Youtube? Kingston Quadcast Microphone
- Adopting an abandoned PC (how to clean a very dirty forgotten computer)

And thank you all!

The Englishman
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Volunteer Moderator

Good luck with your new hobby.  How are you getting products to review?  I was a member of several forums in the early 2000's and I was given several opportunities to review components, like PSUs and the like.  Once I reviewed an entire gaming computer.  I didn't do video reviews though.  I was taking pictures and creating a document basically.  Here is an example from 2006.  


As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Not big enough to get products. Whatever I can grab to review, Ill do it.

The Englishman
Community Manager

Wow, I did not know you made videos like this! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 

I have subscribed. Can't wait to see what you create next! 

Thank You so much! Is just a hobby so far but I do hope for more.

I also made a video of the gifts AMD sent for being a Red Team member, not sure if you seen it. 🙂 

The Englishman

I love everything about it!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂 


The set is now with a fresh new face and will support various types of videos.

Technical ones, where I'll be standing and doing stuff around.
Reviews, just a talking head for gameplays, intros, tutorials and reviews.
The mic and sound panels haven't arrived yet and one of the high power bulbs stopped working (lovely) got to contact the seller for warranty.......

But the light did improved a bit with just one. 🙂




The Englishman