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Journeyman III

Content creation support lacking

More of a commentary than a question. Would love to see AMD take action in this area.

As much as AMD likes to CLAIM support for content creation, I find it lacking in major ways. Nvidia support is miles ahead.

So let's look at Blender. ProRender gets mixed reviews, and while AMD pushes this and Cycles support, they completely ignore the often use alternative renderers in Blender, ALL of which use the CUDA or Optix features. What gets me is the fact the memory in the AMD cards is perfect for Renderman, which recommends a minimum of 11GB of RAM on the GPU, something few Nvidia cards have. Yet, no AMD support for Renderman.

Even with the recent updates, the real world tests, not the AMD ones shows their cards lag comparable Nvidia cards in rendering speed in Cycles. Then there's the alternative render engine issues I mentioned.

Video editing- Yes there is support for some of the professional editors, but none for others. I have Vegas Post. Vegas used to be able to use AMD GPUs for rendering final video, but not now.

I can go into other areas, but those are 2 primary examples. Content creation exploded during the lockdowns but AMD sales for non mining uses did not spike like Nvidias.

When ATi was building the GPU's, team red was the defacto standard for video usage. Color accuracy, video playback, and many other areas lead Nvidia capabilities noticeably.

What happened? With prices coming down I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new GPU. Had built the rest of the system last August around a 5900X. Would really like to go with an AMD GPU, but with the present state of affairs, even features like S.A.M. are not enough to drive me in that direction because of the lack of content creation support.

Would love to see a surge in this arena by AMD.

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