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Unable to Video Encode 4k@60fps on AMD RX 550x 2GB Graphics Card

We have a requirement to capture 4K@60fps (both 3840x2160 and 4096x2160) live stream video. We are using an AMD Radeon AXRX 550 2GBD5-HLE GPU to encode the captured video for video processing. However, we are unable to capture 4K@60fps video. We would like to know if this AMD graphics card is capable of 4K@60fps video encoding.

Additionally, we have observed different memory interfaces (64-bit and 128-bit) from various sources. Using CPU-Z, we observed that the memory interface is 64-bit, but the AMD official specifications mention it as 128-bit. Could you please provide confirmation on the memory interface of the AXRX 550 2GBD5-HLE graphics card?

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