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Journeyman III

RX 580 losing signal when playing any game

When I got this GPU used a week ago I didn't work well with HDMI, the monitor lost signal to the GPU and the only way to fix that was to turn off the pc. I fixed that by buying a DVI cable but now there is a new issue. When I play any game, whether it be house flipper or battlefield 5, the monitor loses signal for a split second and then it turns back on. When this starts it happens every minute or so and then the time between each of these cuts gets progressively shorter and shorter until it starts to happen like every 5 seconds. And after I leave the game it just stops immediately and then never happens unless enter a game again. The temps of the GPU are 30°C when doing nothing and around 60°C when playing games or doing stress testing. And I should also mention that the GPU does NOT do this when I do furmark stress test. Some people say the PSU is causing this, but if it was the problem with the power supply then the whole pc would turn off.

And if its important here are the full specs
i7 4770k

Gigabyte RX 580 8gb

Kingston ddr3 2333hz 16GB (8x2)

Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H Ultra Durable Motherboard

Gigabyte 600w PSU

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Did I read your post correctly where you said you got this GPU used?  That's a heck of a gamble regardless of what you paid for it.

As for your 600W PSU that should not be your problem.  It should be able to handle it.  However if it is a modular PSU, are your certain that the cable is plugged into the proper outlet.

I find your temps to be a bit low in all aspects for both idle and stress test.  Idle should be around 40C - 45C and stress test should be pushing in the 80C's.  Go to and download their benchmarks, Heaven, Valley, and Superposition and try them for testing the GPU.



Umm Gee it's a used GPU.. BIG red flag there.

Anyhow, I have an RX580 in the computer I'm using and it's flawless on win11 using HDMI and DP.  so..

Just to eliminate some things, Download and install Display Driver Uninstaller.  Go into safe mode and have it clear everything.  You don't mention what your previous GPU was. If it was an Nvidia have DDU uninstall all it's software too.

After the restart, Install AMD's 22.5.2 driver.  Just a side note, it's probably a good idea to shut down as many TRAY tasks as you can before installing.

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What was the quality of the DP cable you purchased and what resolution are you playing at?

Which Adrenalin version are you using?

As Vynski said, it is a lottery when you buy second hand as a lot of used RX580 cards were used for mining..

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