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Low Clock Speeds on 7900 XTX Merc

I have always contemplated buying an AMD Gpu but always ended up going Nvidia flagship instead.   No real apparent reason other basic stereotypes most people have about AMD.  So I decided i'd upgrade my Nvidia 2080 ti first thought is going 4090 nvidia but price was staggering and just couldn't see paying almost $2k so started looking at the RX 7900 xtx and watched a lot of youtube before making the decision.  So I decided to give AMD a try and purchased the Merc 319 black edition.  As most gamers do I installed drivers and 1st thing I did was run 3d mark.  IT CLOCKED WORSE BY FAR THAN MY RX 2080TI.   I then rolled back the drivers to all the previous, and still same speeds.   Does anyone know why this is or is this just a bad card?   I'm thinking I should just send it back and get another or go back to Nvidia

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Follow that and lets get started trying to figure this out.

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I see you are using other post, so nvm