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Journeyman III

FPS In-Game Goes From 60 to 20 to 60. GPU's Clock Speed Goes from ~1000 to 300mhz. Help?

Hello AMD community! Coming to you guys looking for a little help with a problem about my AMD Radeon R9 390 series card.

In many of my games (but not including lower-demanding games like League of Legends or pixelated-style games) I've noticed my FPS will cycle in the span of like 5 to 10 seconds. I've seen it in Red Dead Redemption and Escape from Tarkov for example, and it's super noticeable, frustrating, and hard to play with. In EFT I've ben going from 60 seconds, to 20 seconds for a second or two, and then back to 60, before starting again.

I used CPU-Z to check for any problems, and under the graphics tab I noticed that when my FPS drops to 20 my (core?) clock speed goes from about 1050mhz to 300hmz exactly. Then it jumps back up. 

I don't know if this is a temperature issue, though I have used Task Manager and the AMD Radeon program to check GPU temps and it always seems fine. My CPU temps don't clock out either, but they can get pretty high sometimes, though this doesn't seem to always coincide with the FPS drops anyway.


So, is there anything I can use or look at to pinpoint what's going on with my GPU (if it's my GPU?)? Can it be temperature? Not enough voltage from my power supply? Something else?

Really appreciate any help.

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Adept III

Try to set minimum frequency to around 100-200 mHz less than max frequency, instead it being 500/????. Low CPU and GPU load games can be janky with automatic frequency based on load calculation.

Preventing question. No, if game would not need it it will not run max frequency after that. Just transients will become much less strict


My minimum frequency? In the AMD Radeon program's settings I can't change the minimum settings at all, even though I can change the frequency of the other "states" after enabling advanced control. Is there anyway to change them?


Oh yeah, it isn't Adrenalin... Hmm, i am not familiar with Radeon control panel anymore, so probably won't be able to help you there. Sorry

Adept III


as someone else wrote - raise min clock and disable ULPS. Old games will cause this up and down in frequency and fps. 

Follow this video - he explains and show what you need to do. I had exact same problems and now no more ! Very easy to follow !


Adept II

If your games are installed on a regular HDD, you can also check if the drive is fragmented. A Heavily fragmented hard drive can produce fps drops when the game is loading new areas. You can try defraggler, is a free software that allows you to defrag your hdd.

But if your using an SSD for your games, don't do this procedure. It will reduce the life of your drive.