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Does Radeon VII have 10 bit in OpenGL programs such as Lightroom/Photoshop?

I am planning on building a new computer soon.  I am planning on going Zen 2 and would like to use AMD graphics as well.  I use my computer for many things.  Games, internet, and photography.  I have a 10 bit Adobe color 4K monitor and would like to use the 10 bit function when editing photos.  Does the Radeon VII offer this in Photoshop/Lightroom or do you only get this with the pro cards?  There is no reason to get a Radeon VII otherwise as Nvidia price and performance beats the VII in gaming benchmarks.  I really want an all AMD system but they need to give me a reason to buy one of their video cards.  

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This LinusTechTips thread indicates it does support 10 bit on, at least, Adobe Premier Pro software: 

One comment from Thread:

This image is from this Link that explains you would need to install Radeon Pro Software to get 10 bit: AMD Radeon VII To Recieve Radeon Pro Software For Enterprise Support 

This is the latest Radeon VII driver: Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.6.2 Release Notes | AMD 

NOTE: Seems to indicate any version of Windows 10, at least, Windows 10 Pro and above is compatible.

EDIT: This is Adobe Photoshop System Requirements including GPU Cards: Photoshop system requirements 


I had seen the LTT page talking about it.  I also saw some pages which mentioned it was not getting the Pro support that was originally rumored.  I was hoping someone here would have some experience with it to say if it actually worked or not.  


Found this from Website TechPowerUp about Radeon VII and PRO Driver compatibility: AMD Clarifies Radeon VII Pro Driver Support: No WS Certifications | TechPowerUp 

Best to open a AMD Service Request to verify if Radeon will support 10 bit in Consumer Driver from here: Online Service Request | AMD 


I sent a service request and will update this with their response.  I think they should offer 10 bit color for OpenGL as it would be a selling point for consumers.  Currently all of AMD's top cards get destroyed performance wise and power wise so this would at least give them something to brag about.  



On my Radeon VII I can in fact select 10 bpc for output to my monitor.  I cannot test that at 4K, as my monitor is 1440p.  10bpc is supported as long as I am at a 60 Hz refresh rate.  If I up the refresh rate to 144 Hz, only up to 8 bpc is selectable. 

So to answer your question, maybe?  I will need to find a 4K display and see if the 10 bpc is still available.


So, it looks like 10bpc will work over 4K with the Radeon VII, as long as you are using DisplayPort and are using the 19.5.2 driver release (19.6.2 breaks the functionality for some reason).

What program is that in?  I am specifically talking about OpenGL programs such as Lightroom/Photoshop.  NVidia has 10 bit in their drivers but it is only for DirectX applications.


Both my GTX 1060 and RTX 2060 support 10 bit color in Photoshop at 60 and 75 hz. They do not support 10 bit pixel.