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Journeyman III

Crazy Stutters on entire computer not only games.

I’m not sure if anyone will read this and I am really new to the pc building world and need help. I am consistently getting stutters throughout my computer even when there is not a game running. I could simply be browsing the internet and my cursor would stutter a bit and even my audio too. I am fairly sure i built my computer fine as well. I have an

MSI rx 6600


16 gb of ddr4 

650W evga bronze power supply

ASUS Prime B560M-A mATX mobo 

144hz monitor

I have tried so many things like tinkering with the radeon software like disabling freesync and disabling this other option as well nothing works. I have tried using MSI Afterburner and RTSS that didn’t work as well as vsync. I have tried this method revolving around the GameBarPresenceWriter it did not work either. I have an SSD with my windows installed on it as well as my games. My BIOS is completely up to date as well as my radeon driver. I have also downloaded the necessary drivers for my mobo. All my other drivers are up to date as I checked in the device manager. While using RTSS however, i noticed there’s an extremely consistent and when i say consistent like right on the dot consistent skyrocket in frametime. My frametime is perfectly smooth for half a second and it skyrockets for an extremely short amount of time resulting in my stutters it seems. It happens in around half a secondintervals and really interrupts my gameplay and my overall experience using the computer :(. For example i can run valorant with ease averaging around 300 fps but these stutters make it very hard to play.  I run on 64 but windows 10 home if that information isuseful as well. Any help would be so appreciated!!

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Disable IPv6 and see if the stuttering stops.



Disabled ipv6 still stuttering:(

Have you checked for corrupt system files?