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Adept II

Can someone answer this GPU and CPU question?


I'm new to upgrading PC's and I currently have these components in my PC 

Motherboard: ASRock A320

GPU: RX 570

CPU: Ryzen 3 3100

My question is, if I get the RX 6600 GPU (which seems to be compatible with my CPU and MB via, would it bottleneck? I just want to make sure I would be okay before purchasing this GPU, since it's been suggested to be an upgrade from my 570. 

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don't know if cpu will bottleneck , but should be a decent upgrade

Thank you!


Every component is a bottleneck. That's because one game may require more CPU resources than another. CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, they're all affected by software in different ways. As such bottleneck is kinda of an over exaggerated concept.


That said, if you enjoy playing on High/Ultra graphics settings then I highly doubt your CPU will be a bottleneck in most games. So I say go for it! You can always upgrade your CPU later if necessary/desired.

I appreciate your comment!

But, is it okay to bottleneck slightly? I'm not sure what the right percentage would be. I'm slowly upgrading my 2020 prebuilt, as I already upgraded my ram from 8GB to 16GB as well as putting in an M.2(500GB SSD). I don't play my games on High or Ultra, since it doesn't really look different to me. I only play Final Fantasy XIV, WoW and God of War, so it's nothing TOO intense. 


according the Bottleneck websites anything above 10% is considered to be bottlenecked.

Anything below 10% probably wouldn't affect your game playing too much.

The image you posted shows that at 1K and 2k Resolutions you have more than 10% bottlenecking that is why it is colored Red.

If you scroll towards the bottom of that review it will tell you if it is the GPU or CPU that is bottlenecking.



This website tells me that an R7 3700x is 18% bottle necked by an RX 580...

It showed me almost the same on the 2700X. Didn't bothered me at all.

Had a great experience with it.

The Englishman

Also depends on the type of RAM you have installed which is why it asks for CPU, GPU, & RAM installed.

Besides the website is just to give the User a general idea of FPS and Bottleneck.


In my opinion it's not an issue. The GPU and CPU will play really well together until you're ready to buy a better CPU. However if those are the only games you play, you might be happier with an RX 6500.

I know the Ryzen 3 3100 is older than the RX 6600, so I wouldn't think there would be an issue. I'm not to sure. Yes, those are the only games I play, so it's not like I'm constantly gaming at the highest settings possible. I have no issues with my CPU currently with my RX 570. I just want a better GPU. Also with that being said and a side note, what's a good temp for an AMD GPU to be at? I freak out when it hits 75 degrees.


The maximum operating temperature for all 5000/6000 series GPU "Hot Spot" is 110c.  So if 75c is your Hot Spot temperature it is well below the maximum operating temperature for your GPU card.

Once it reaches or starts to reach 110c the GPU card will automatically start to throttle or slow down.

Input your CPU, GPU, and RAM installed at this FPS & BOTTLENECK website to get a general idea if whether your CPU or GPU will bottleneck and at what percentage of bottleneck plus showing various game FPS for your setup: FPS & Bottleneck Calculator 


I'm not very familiar with bottlenecking entirely, but this is what it shows on that website for me. It shows some red and some yellow, so I'm unsure if any of those are safe. This is with high settings selected. I have a screenshot link within this reply.

Adept I

yes, it will bottleneck your gpu. i am pretty sure of it. the ryzen 3 3100 will be your problem here.
its a 4 core 8 thread which is fine by itself. but the single core performance of that cpu is not so great.

choose another gpu, or you should probably the do the following update route.

update motherboard bios - free

cpu options that make sense:
get a used ryzen 7 3700x(non x) or maybe ryzen 5 3600x (non x). costs around 50 to 100 euros.

Rx 6600

maybe new power supply if your current one is nocht sufficent.

Okay, thank you so much!
I'm not sure which PSU I should get, though. I'm completely new to computer components. The only thing I've done so far was upgrade my ram to a 16GB(2 8GB sticks) Corsair Vengeance and I put in an M.2(500GB SSD)

I wouldn't even bother too much, it will bottleneck but so what?

You will have a much better gaming experience overall.

I would even consider the 6600XT now (if your wallet allows) and later on, maybe mid 2023 when or if A620 chipset brings along cheaper boards, get an AM5 Ryzen 5 7600 non X.

Super nice and Super affordable pair for the future if you ask me.

The Englishman
Adept III

it is unlikely that the Ryzen 3 3100 CPU would bottleneck the RX 6600 GPU, provided that the rest of your system is adequate to support the increased power requirements.

The RX 6600 GPU is a newer and more powerful graphics card than the RX 570, and it should provide significant performance improvements for demanding games and other demanding applications.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Adept III

welcome ,do like if you can.