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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 5 7600 6-core processor

Hello Guys!

For a long time I've got a problem with my computer since my friend have installed the amd ryzen 5 7600 6-core processor into my computer every game that I start after a few minutes they crash. I have tried everything and I couldn't solve the problem. I suppose the problem is connected to something I looked at: When I open the device manager in display adapters I see my nvidia gpu and there is an AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics and it has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark ("!"). I have tried to uninstalling and reinstalling or updating but whenever I restart the PC it's the same. If you look into it it says "Code 43". Furthermore I can't even download amd driver to have a look at it and I can't do anything to solve it or at least haven't found the solution.
I would be more than glad if somebody can help me.
Thank you four your time guys.

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very little PC information except you have a APU Processor with a Nvidia GPU card.

First when you have a GPU card installed BIOS would make the Nvidia GPU card the Main Display Adapter and not the AMD  IGPU.

So make sure in BIOS, the Nvidia is set as the main Display Adapter.

Also your games should be using the Nvidia GPU card since it seems like the IGPU is disabled due to the AMD driver not working.

What exactly are the type of errors or crashes are your getting?

I would uninstall both the AMD and Nvidia VGA Driver and download the latest ones from both AMD and Nvidia download page.

Then i would delete any AMD or Nvidia Driver Installation folder at C:\AMD or C\Nvidia and then run DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to remove both AMD and Nvidia VGA Drivers with the internet disconnected.

After DDU reboots back into Windows Desktop, first install the AMD VGA driver and check in Device Manager that there aren't any errors under Display.

Now install the Nvidia VGA Driver and do the same thing. IF Device Manager is finally now not showing any errors  try running your games and see if it crashes.

Here is the latest Ryzen 5 7600 AMD VGA Driver:

Here you can download the latest Nvidia VGA Driver:

It's possible that the AMD and Nvidia VGA drivers are in some sort of conflict. So hopefully installing the AMD driver first and then the Nvidia might resolve this conflict. Make sure to delete the C:\AMD or C:\NVIDIA folders if they exist.

Once you have both VGA Drivers installed, AMD & Nvidia, go to Windows Settings - Graphics and choose all the games to play in "High Performance" mode for your Nvidia GPU card and not the IGPU.

If the games keep crashing report back with the exact errors or type of crashes that occurs. It might be your Nvidia VGA Driver causing your problems.

When you have a chance, after installing both AMD and Nvidia VGA Drivers, upload a image of GPU-Z showing both AMD and Nvidia GPUs to make sure that all the appropriate APIs are check marked at the bottom and the drivers are correctly installed.