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Journeyman III

AMD RX 69000, Graphics artefacts


I owned this card very long now with no problems.

But now I am getting these artefacts out of nowhere.

Already tried to switch my DP/HDMI Cables, no solution.

Also its not always on the same monitor, one time I disconnected my second monitor and it moved to my third that is connecten even with HDMI on a different port.

My feelings tells me its from software issues, but i am not sure. Also already replaced my RAM without anyhope, also my Display.



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Have you tried using DDU(Or AMD cleanup utility) and reinstalled the GPU drivers? 

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Yes, also tried a reinstall. I mean with Win 10 I had no problems until I runned /sfc scannow and some files got fixed. But i am not sure if its 100% just tis, its pretty weird.


I don't get it for days, or I unplug one monitor and triggers it then on the other monitor. When I unplug and plug again its gone.

Journeyman III

I had a similar issue with mine. I found that if I turned off "Adaptive Sync Compatible" in the display settings of the Radeon Software and enabled "Enhanced Sync" under the graphics settings, the weird boxes glitch went away. It doesn't appear to have affected gameplay for me either. I still have smooth variable refresh rate with no tearing in games both above and below my monitor's refresh rate.

Worth trying, hope it helps.