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Adept I

7900xt is unable to run games

Have a 7950x cpu on a hero motherboard with the Asus 7900xt GPU. Have had heaps of problems with PC locking up in browsers but it ran iRacing without a problem. Today I reinstalled Windows to try and fix the problem but in the end it made it worse. If I run the Heaven Uniengine it basically takes a while to load, you can slowly see the Dragon change colour and when it starts the FPS is around 3fps. When I tried iRacing it juts stuttered along at a frame every second or so and thats why I tried the Heaven benchmark.


Now I heard a gurgling noise that I have not heard before.....may have been my water cooled CPU but then it may have been the 7900xt card. Anyway, going to take the card out and put in an old 1600 and see how that goes.....tried everything with the 7900xt . Its not dead as I can still use the web but something is wrong with the drivers or the card.


I think I may do an RMA to the retailers.....dont want to do that but any other clues ?

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1) Make sure you have updated BIOS and that there are no cables touching fans inside your machine.
2) Make sure you have connected monitor to GPU and not motherboards video-output connectors
3) I disabled integrated graphics from BIOS, because now I can set lower negative voltage curve to CPU. With integrated enabled, I could only go to like -10, but iGFX disabled, -18 gives best all-core performance while still being stable
4) Disable automatic driver update from Windows
5) Uninstall graphics drivers and reinstall them from 

6) Perhaps there is a problem with your watercooler. Make sure pump/cpu block are located lower than the upper end of your radiator, because air inside system has to be elsewhere than in pump/block. Monitor temps. Make sure your cooler is compatible with Ryzen 7000 and make sure pump is not the highest point of your watercooling system.

I have run the card for a few weeks now and uptill today it ran find for gaming but I had problems with the browser which could have been anything but I suspected the drivers. 

Have just replaced the card with a 1600xt and the 7950cpu has not run better but I am losing a lot of fps in iRacing. I think I will be returning the 7900xt  it to the vendor , 

Journeyman III

Now I heard a gurgling sound that I had never heard before. It could have been the 7900xt card or my water-cooled CPU. Anyway, I'm going to remove the card and insert an old 1600 to see how that works—I've tried everything with the 7900xt. I can still use the internet, so it is not dead; rather, something is wrong with the drivers or the card.

Adept II

Sounds like your using the intergrated graphics on the cpu over the gpu graphics to me. 


its not plugged in so that would be hard


lol,..never mind. Good luck. 

Adept II

Whats your CPU temp?

Sounds like your AIO has given up the game

Adept I

 its not a aio but a water loop without the GPU 

and I can see it running going to put it in another case on an older mobo and see how it goes.....


What is the make and model of your PSU.  Is your RAM supported for your motherboard?

These are the first two things I am going to check before blaming it on drivers.  

Make sure all power cables are plugged in solid. 

There are a ton of unanswered questions not in your post.  I was just going through your motherboard manual and can see a lot of things that may or may not be enabled and some should be and some should be disabled if you are overclocking.

So my first recommendation is to get everything back to stock and stable first.  If you can't get it stable at stock settings then you may have an issue with your GPU.

Read the manual, thoroughly.  Try only 1 thing at a time then restart the machine. 

Go to the support page of your HERO board and check for RAM compatibility.