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Adept III

5700xt is useless for Apex Legends

After more than 2 year testing and switching between what seems all possible settings I have come to a conclusion - 5700xt is just useless in this game.

1. Overclocking (automatic) now is crashing the game on regular basis

2. Overclocking does not yield any benefits actually might even make things worse, more unstable FPS

3. All software features are better off otherwise they mess up the visuals and FPS stability

4. Despite the fact that I can push 200+ FPS, I can play only on locked 90 to ensure my FPS are stable

Well done AMD, 5700XT to play FPS game in 90 locked. Plus over the years literally no support besides "have you reinstalled graphics software". The most popular BR game ATM for multiple years and 0 improvement from team red in it. Hurray! 

Feel free to prove me wrong by posting settings / videos of the opposite scenario.

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