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YCBCr 444 and 422 not working at 1440 p

I have a very odd problem. Im using a vega 56 and have it hooked up to my Samsung q6fn 4k tv. My tv supports Freesync, and HDR at 120 hz for 1080 p and 1440 p and 60 hz for 4k. YCBCR 422 and 444 show up under pixel format for both 1080 p and 4k, but not under 1440 p. The issue with this is I need YCBCR 422 so I can play games in hdr at 10 bit. If I use rgb full or limited I can only do 8 bit dithered hdr.

I'm able to get 422 at 1440 p with my GeForce 1070, but I purchased a vega 56 so I could have freesync and hdr. I've attached a few screenshots to show what's going on including a CRU screenshot.

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AMD driver policy is based on the HDMI CTA specifications and therefore only CTA (formerly CEA) modes will offer optional colour depth and pixel formats. The 1440p resolutions is not a CTA mode and will not get YCbCr422 or YCbCr444 as per HDMI specifications. Games should work just fine with 8bit+dither+HDR enabled. Your TV should support 8bit+dither anyways.

See supported HDMI CTA modes on

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it supports 8 bit + dither but to me it didn’t look as good as Ycbcr 12 bit 422 with hdr when I was testing it with the division 2. I wasn’t exactly scientific about it, so it could be placebo. Is there anything out there that compares dithering vs actual 10/12 bit wide color gamut?


You should be using DisplayPort which has way more bandwidth for HDR and 4:4:4 chrominance etc


My tv doesn’t have DisplayPort. Otherwise I would use it.


I have asked at stores if any televisions have DisplayPort and not many do


Televisions belong to CTA (Consumer Technology Association) formerly CEA (Consumer Electronic Association)

If they add 1440 p to the cta standard will you guys update the drovers to support YCbCr 422 and 444 at 1440 p?

i believe both the Xbox one x and PS4 pro support 1440 p over hdmi. I don’t own either console so I’m not sure if they do Ycbcr at that resolution, but both consoles use AMD tech for its processor and graphics.


Even if the standard were updated it would require your firmware be updated on the TV at minimum. That is if it doesn't require hardware also to do so. So you likely would be looking at a new TV. Use a method your TV supports or buy a monitor that works as you want. Nobody is going to ever commit to making old hardware work for a standard that doesn't exist yet and likely never will. The TV world doesn't care about 1440p and skipped right over it. Luckily there are more than one way connect. As already said above 8bit+dither+HDR , should work fine.