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Journeyman III

XFX RX 6800 coil whine causing crashes

I just build this PC it has:

Ryzen 5 7600x

Speedster QUIK319 RX 6800

MSI mag B650 Tomahawk Motherboard

Kingston Furry beast 16GB DDR5 

EVGA 750w 80+ Bronze 

Windows 11 home

The problem is when I am launching a game I could immediately hear what could be described as coil whine(everything is fine at idle). I could play for a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes until it crashes and says it's a driver time-out issue. I have uninstalled drivers with DDU and AMD clean-up tool to install drivers fresh but still no luck. I have heard it could be a power supply issue but before I buy another one I'm wondering what are some other options.

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Adept II

Coilwhine is usually from power supply you hear it from different angle near power supply which happens to be close to the GPU, when you put the PSU in a lian li PC O11 dynamic psu is orientated in rear coilwhine go's away and you have to move your ear to ther other side of the case to ear it.

coilwhine is completly harmless you probably just having driver issues like the rest of us, AMD still seems to believe that blackscreens where only a issue with 5700 XT at launch and will lie about it, blackscreens are reported daily on r/AMDHelp frequency has gotten down now cos people either disabled MPO or rolled back drivers and learned to disable windows driver updates which will overwrite AMD drivers as well.

you can disable windows driver updates inside DDU options highly recommend, also if you ever use DDU i also recommend redownloading chipset drivers and reinstalling those as well and download stable gpu drivers, if you have problems with 22.11.2 then download 22.5.1 and do not update until AMD recognizes the problems and fix them, AMD has lied quite a few times as well about fixing things so be ready to roll back if they do.


You first need to determine exactly where the Coil Whine is coming from. Generally it occurs in the PSU, VRM of the Motherboard, and GPU Cards or any other hardware that uses lots of power to run.

All Coil whine is that certain electronic/electrical parts when under heavy loads produces noises when current is flowing through them. It is, as stated by another User, harmless and won't affect the hardware's performance.

If the Coil Whine started only after you installed your GPU card then you need to verify that it is coming from the GPU card.

It makes sense that you might hear Coil Whine when playing a game since that is when the GPU card is using a lot power to run unlike when it is at idle.

Not much you can do with Coil Whine except RMA the GPU card if it is very loud and annoying. Sometimes, in the past, User have mentioned that AMD Driver have caused Coil Whine in their GPU cards.