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Adept I

xfx RX 590 fatboy running hot

I just built a brand new computer with an XFX rx 590 fatboy and it seems to be running extremely hot.

it seems to be maxing out about 85 degrees anytime i play games 

i tried undervolting it and it seems to help with the tempature but now im getting a problem with it randomly shutting off my computer or crashing

should i just ask for an RMA or what? 

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Gamers Nexus posted a video on the fatboy:

XFX RX 590 Fatboy Review: Competitive Silicon, Weak Cooler

It is inefficient, and runs hot

ryzen 5600 + 6700 XT

Opening the cover of your computer case and sharing the picture will allow us to have a comment. It may also be useful to speed up the fans of the graphics card with Radeon WattMan.


20200303_113951.jpg20200303_114015.jpgI have fans set to max (sounds like a jet engine) still doesn't cool it maybe by a degree.


Have you made changes with WattMan settings. Did you increase the GPU power limit value with WattMan? Have you tried temperature when the case cover was opened?

Air circulation seems good for your PC case. It is necessary to look for the problem in something different.... ...


yes i've tried all that, i've even undervolted it, it's like i got a gpu without themal paste it just gets hot no matter what, i just ordered a different graphics card and getting a refund on this one, i shouldn't have to do all this to just have a working card 


If increasing the speed of the fans does not decrease the temperature, thermal paste replacement is required. "As you wrote." You can try a thermal paste replacement with a high thermal conductivity. Or you can apply for the GPU where you purchased it.

Adept III

Interesting, I appear to have the same problem with this card.  I got it yesterday from Amazon (the Black version) to see if it alleviates graphic corruption problems I am seeing with my 5600XT on a few games I play, which it did.

The RX590 doesn't have those graphic corruption problems (good), but boy does it crap out when trying to run any benchmarks and some of the games under load (bad).

It won't run OCCT or AIDA64 or userbenchmark.exe.  Shuts off the system immediately.  As you say this is w/ the fans maxxed out w/ 20.2.2 and the bios switch to performance (towards the power cables).  I'll probably return the 590 and hope my 5600XT gets the game fixes eventually.

Journeyman III

Similar problem with mine playing World of Tanks.  It would get up above 80 and I'd have a full lockup.

My fix, if you want to call it that, was to go into the Radeon Software too, and under the Graphics tab activate Radeon Chill.  By dropping my max framerate down to around 85-90 (more than enough).

By just dropping the max framerate, my temperatures to drop a good 15 degrees, and keep the temperature in the high 60's to low 70's s for temperature.