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Will AMD lead Over Nvidia the way it won over Intel

AMD has come a along way in the processor market against the rival Intel keeping in mind every new processor intel launches has a new socket and we have to upgrade the motherboard together ( hits the wallet ). I feel AMD is budget friendly with the Processor Lineup...we do not need to upgrade motherboard in All Ryzen mainstream desktop CPUs.  I hope AMD considers users while pricing the  Graphics card  too. Any comments ??

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From what I understand is that AMD became highly competitive with intel not by focusing on ever smaller nm chips but by adjusting the architecture of their CPU's that made them far easier and much less costly to mass produce.

If they can do the same with their GPU's and drop their current prices by half across the board within say 4 to 6 months then not only will they greatly decrease demand for Invidia GPU's but put a massive amount of stress on them to come up with economically viable GPU's or just focus all their GPU's only on extreme high end systems for people with more money than sense. 

yes i agree with you!!!.. i Hope they drop the price on the graphics .. time to upgrade from 5700XT which was a budget friendly gpu

Whether AMD leads or trails is not the question but whether it can stay competitive. High market share is the goal of any tech company and though the pendulum is swinging to Intel in the cpu market amd is very competitive. That translates into innovation and in the long run it benefits us hobbist/consumers. AMD keeps throwing punches, I like that attitude and I know the stock holders are smiling. Will these companies stay relevant? Who knows but I have seen a lot of tech companies fold or get bought up because they loose site of their goals. AMD is also battling on 2 fronts so can they make a little magic. We will see.  I would bet on them.

I see a lot of people talking bad about AMD on discussion boards and comment sections all over the net, and I hope people do their research and don't believe it. Because I have been extremely happy with my AMD CPU and GPU. I would doubt they have even seen a system, just heard a lot of talk. Yes, you will have to fix a problem or two, but that is on every system ever built.


It's gonna take some time. Nvidia has some ridiculous mindshare over the community. Rightfully so in some respects. Then you have to factor in Intel coming with their GPUs. Gonna be tough for them to take the lead from Nvidia. Will it happen? Who knows. But possible? Absolutely.

Gotta see what them MCM GPUs got to offer later this year.

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I think they will if they focus on better Drivers at release. Most people are shy to switch to AMD because of the history of Driver issues.


Last time AMD was on top with their Athlon64 CPU's .. they squandered what they gained on hookers and blow (so to speak) instead of reinvesting in their company and product .. 

Lisa Su won't let that happen again ... But! .. AMD sucker punched the complacent Intel square in the nuts with Ryzen and it's taken Intel a couple of years to finally get their act together to "catch up". That nut shot was the best thing to happen to Intel and the market as a whole .. 

I think Nvidia took notice of Intel's folly and is going to do it's darnest to not let AMD be "top dawg" in the GPU space performance wise.

AMD is heading in a great direction .. with powering the Playstations and XBox's .. trading blows with Intel and being right there with Nvidia. 

Whether or not they gain the performance crown from Nvidia .. I don't know .. but them being competitive is good for the market (sans this GPU gouging going on right now).

With Intel about to make their entry into GPU gaming market .. I think that is going to hurt Nvidia more than AMD

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Maybe a few years later AMD will lead over NVIDIA but people still have their opinion which gfx card to buy  like for example, when rtx came out like everyone wanted their gpus because of what? Ray-Tracing and that's it, just imagine you creating something useless and getting even more money from this, rtx overhyped in my opinion tho


Well I like AMD products better and thats why I paid for it. Downside is NVIDIA pricing for high quality is better. AMD to me is a more robust overall but pricier on most levels.

Adept II

Sadly, I don't think so. Not because they cannot compete with their hardware, the Radeon software lacks so much compared to the fit and finish of the Geforce Experience and their stability of the software is just so much farther ahead as well. I just switched back to nVidia in 2019 and I had no idea what I was missing out on with the GeForce Experience software. I couldn't believe I spent the last 15 years fighting with Radeon software and drivers so much when nVidia's software makes updates and game graphic settings optimization effortless.