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Graphics Cards

Adept I

Whea logger 18 while gaming for 10 months plz help

Computer Type: Desktop

GPU: RX 6600xt

CPU: RYZEN 7 5800X

Motherboard: B450 aorus elite

BIOS Version: f62 agesa

RAM: 16x2 GB fury beast bus 3200

PSU: Montech gamma 2 750 w 80+ Gold

Case: i forgot

Operating System & Version: windows 11 pro

GPU Drivers: 22.5.1 whql

Chipset Drivers: up to date

Background Applications: DISCORD, CHROME

Description of Original Problem: Have a black screen and automatic restart while gaming if on idle or watch youtube twitch netflix not happen and i fix this for 10 months but no solution

Troubleshooting: I've tried DDU clean install driver and try since 22.3.1 then 22.7.1 not fix

Clean install windows 11 pro

disable pbo cbp xmp not work

Rma cpu

Run occt prime 95 furmark power max no restart just only in game

Run memtest 86 and windows memmory test no error

Use ups not work

change cooling to msi water cooling not work

use f61 f62 f63 f64a f64c not work

Turn off fast start up

2 Replies
Adept II

I would definitelly use the latest BIOS. After upgrade i would load bios defaults, save, exit and setup everything again. Even if you say it's not helping, latest AGESA 1207 in bios F64c must be improvement over your old bios.

I had similar problems after changing monitor from 1080p to 1440p. Simple resolution change made my allegedly 3600Mh RAM unstable until i have downlclocked to 3200Mhz and since then is everything rock solid like before..

More here:

Monitor upgrade.. actually a downgrade? : Amd (

Journeyman III

I searched for a solution for days and days and finally the solution was to install the PRO version of the AMD driver instead of the standard version. It went like clockwork. These drivers are basically the same as the standard ones but are less up to date. They are heavily tested by ADM as they are intended for use by professionals