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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

What to Do my Graphics Card Is Not Working?

Hey, I've tried to check it whether it's installed properly or not but there is no use of that

and my hardware is properly fixed and I have up[dates my windows also but still I am not able to solve this problem and my monitor also supports graphics and I tried to troubleshoot it but nothing is helping here, please help me out I am really stuck here.


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you may need to install windows fresh if there is no display

use a different disk if you need to recover files

okay, I will try that and get back to you


Need to post your Computer total information for other Users to help. Make & Model of Motherboard, CPU. GPU, & PSU.

How is your Monitor connected to your computer?  Via the GPU card or Motherboard video outputs?

How is your Monitor connected via HDML, DP, DVI-D, or VGA?

Check Device Manager and see if there are any Errors or Yellow Exclamation marks. If there are post an image of Device Manager.

What errors are you getting when you install AMD graphics driver.?