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Adept III

Weird issue with crashing apex legends

Hey all!! I hope by coming here I can have different perspectives so I can have this issue fixed but start, this hasn’t happened on apex before and started recently. Basically, I’ll be playing apex for like 15ish minutes and then I’m brought upon an error code and it’ll crash my game but this crash will either black screen my monitors and then go back to normal to reveal the error code or it’ll make my screens go wild. I have proof with the video embedded in the post and the error code is 0x887a0006: DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!


For some reason the video won't be processed, so i'll just send a picture of what my screen looks like when I say, it goes "wild". 

I also want it to be clear that I made sure I cleaned the inside of my computer including my cpu and gpu just to make sure it wasn't an overheating or dust problem. Safe to say I managed to get a lot of dust out of both gpu and cpu. I haven't tried since but I still would like to know why an issue like this would happen and how to fix it. 




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Adept III

Thanks for any help on this! 

Journeyman III

Hello ! Have exactly the same problem than youlittle artefact in game

I crash in 22.5 but have still artefact in 22.7.1

I think the problem from apex because AMD don't have recently updated ? 

Yeah not to sure why it’s happening, but even besides the error code, the fact my computer does that after the crash happens has me concerned. 

I recently had my pc blue screen because of the error which has left me scared to even play apex but my computer works perfectly fine on other games. It only leaves me to assume apex messed up something in the code that just doesn't connect with AMD drivers; I did however reinstall my drivers causing the problem to happen less but no idea if that'll do anything for your situation.

Adept I

I also started seeing this recently, I believe starting with 22.6.1. I have a 5700 XT. I play lots of other games and only have the issue with Apex.

Yeah pretty sure it is something, apex has to fix themselves or AMD, which just makes me believe it’ll never get fixed because I feel like they don’t care enough lol. 

Adept I

This is absolutely still an issue. Just had this occur when I switched from Apex to Rust, and I've had it happen over a dozen times while playing Apex. Idk whose problem this is but AMD would do well to proactively work with Respawn on this because this is certainly not helping AMD's reputation for having terrible drivers. I've tried to nudge my friends to give AMD a try for years now and I consistently get rewarded with **bleep** like this which my NVidia-using friends don't have to deal with at all.

I definitely agree, I hope something can be done about this and be solved because I hate knowing that a problem like this will just be dropped and never be touched again and forces other people including myself who own an AMD GPU to stop playing apex completely. 

Adept I

This is an issue that was introduced by an update to the game (Apex Legends) in July but it seems it needs to be fixed via a driver update.

It was happening to both AMD & Nvidia GPU's but has now been resolved for Nvidia cards in their new driver updates.

One thing I've noticed is that whatever is happening in the game is seemingly causing the Adrenalin software to crash and when your screen is distorted like in your screenshot, if you open task manager and end all AMD processes the screen artifacting/distortion will resolve instantly.

As you can see from my screenshot, when the issue occurs and you receive the " 0x887a0006: DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG" error code, the Adrenalin software becomes very buggy with letters missing from words etc, until it's force closed via task manager.


Yeah I’ve been actively trying to get this recognized even on the EA forums and still it is just being looked at as a self diagnosing problem when meanwhile I’ve never crashed on apex before this. I hope a driver update or something gets sent out so we all can move on from this annoying bug.

Journeyman III

I have the same exact issue and it keeps happening. It will happen minimum 1 time every gaming session and its the worst. It usually happens when dropping into the match. It just freezes and crashes. Sometimes it'll be "nice" and only back me out of the game, but a lot of times it will artifact on screen like your screenshot. 

Hoping for a fix soon smh 

Yeah, I dont know what seems to be the problem with why they don't prioritize this issue, as it seems to be a majority of AMD users if not all being affected by this.

A new patch came out today and didn't show that it was fixed, so who knows how long we will have to wait.

I'm getting the exact same issue. Usually only happens when loading into a game but recently it's started happening mid game and has already caused me multiple loses. And as others have stated already it doesn't artifact all the time but every now and then it'll act out like what you've shown in the pic and I have to restart my PC. I have made absolutely sure my drivers are up to date. I have even ran a DDU and did a fresh manual install of drivers, but no luck with solving my problem. And I should note that the GPU I'm using is a Radeon 5700 XT Sapphire Nitro+ with a Ryzen 5 3600 as my processor. 

AMD or Respawn, whoever's fault it is, needs to get this fixed ASAP!

Same here, either it will crash with that error before jumping out of the airship, or randomly mid game. 

All we can do is hope this problem gets addressed soon enough and fixed.

I think after this I won't be buying AMD graphics cards anymore. Would much rather not have to deal with these crappy drivers. Heavily considering selling my current card and just buying an Nvidia card. Its a shame really, such an awesome card being held back by such crappy drivers.


the exact same thing is happening to me. Ever since the mid s13 update this has been happening with absolutley no fix in sight. No communication from AMD or Respawn. Have not been able to play for a month. Please for the love of god fix it.....


Which driver version are you guys using? I'm on 22.5.2 and not experiencing these issues playing Apex. I haven't played with any of the newer drivers, however. Might update to 22.8.2 and see if the issue happens to me as well.

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I have been using the recommended driver ever since it came out 22.5.1, the game never used to crash even with this driver, if it doesn't crash for you then it probably won't crash on the newest driver. For some reason, its an issue with the game alongside the AMD gpus. When you update or rollback drivers, it doesn't do anything but still crash. I hope we can get a fix soon though because I have been craving some apex lately, but I am glad you aren't getting the crash!!

Adept II

i Have this issue like 1 month now
I use the last driver 22.8.2 and previously 22.5.1 Recommended (WHQL)

Somethimes a simple crash with the error in the picture attached

but sometimes more tought like blue screen of death, auto reset, freezing black screen.

RX580 - AMD Ryzen 5 4500 - 16 ram

I use the report tool in adrenaline

Hope they can fix this soon

From respawn / EA not a single answer about that issue and they say is a problem of the driver.
For the other hand its the only game i have trouble.error.jpg 


This happens to me everynight and has done since season 13 has been released.

RX 6700 XT GPU 

Ryzen 7  5800x CPU

Like above i have tried everything, clean driver install, rolled back drivers, reinstalled Apex,steam and even windows, ran in Admin mode. I have no overclocking on and all graphics are low yet without fail 1 hour into games it crashes.

The same thing happens to two friends of mine who have AMD gpu.


Please can this be addressed

Adept II

I've had this exact same problem, some variation of crashing with my 5700 XT running 22.7.1 and I've wondered if anybody has tried reverting to older drivers from 2021 to solve this problem. It's really annoying. 

I just installed 21.12.1 to see if that stabilizes things but I'm not optimistic. It feels like an issue with the game and further evidence that Nvidia are too much of a monopoly with GPUs because Respawn are probably going to be slow to address. 

Yeah I tried reverting to old drivers multiple times, but that doesn't fix the issue. It is the reason why I know it is an issue caused by respawn updating the game and not our drivers. They did something during the middle of season 13 to cause this bug. 

Thats soo true man !
EA / Respawn cant admit they did something wrong !!!!
Iam tired to report this in apex legends forums.
They dont care if streamers can stream

Sadly, whatever joy I was having with running old drivers lasted only a day or two, now I'm back to constant crashes after 3-4 matches if there's any single app running in the background. 

The very worst about this is the effect on ranked matches. It crashes on the character select screen or soon after, you then reconnect to a forfeit and a 10 minute penalty, to say nothing of the impact on k/d ratio, damage per game, etc. (Not that anybody should fuss about that too much, but I try to hit 1.0+ k/d and it's impossible to tell how I'm doing in S14 because of the 100 or more crashes. 

Adept III


@SnowHatyup new S14 started this well and clearly Apex is not on a good terms with AMD or at least AMD QA side of things...lost so many RP thanks to this, gave up on Ranked this split because of the error tbh.

Update of drivers helped me for exactly 2 days, after that crashes again kept coming on on regular basis, like once every hour or like 2-3 in a quick succession. Mostly when playing Vantage or just coincidence idk.

What helped me so far is this:

More precisely the last step of creating new registry key, did it two days ago and haven't had a crash since. Also for the sake of minimizing risks (and actually not yielding any benefits) I turned off automatic overclock for Apex and pretty much every **bleep** option related to "AMD optimized" or "override / enhance application settings" - for me on 5700XT I am stuck with 90 FPS lock not to experience dramatic FPS drops like 230->110 that is unplayable, GPU still struggles to keep 90, my average now actually is 83 (facepalm, going team green next time 100%) yet with all AMD "helpers" off Apex at least looks better, better contrast, better stability, easier to spot enemies etc.

p.s. All the visual adjustments I would suggest making on Monitor settings if possible given in AMD software some settings still kept being applied in the game even with factory reset + not keeping settings e.g. I dimmed my game at a time via lower brightness and then decided it is not ideal and went back to 100%, AMD software kept dimming it so I had to actually increase brightness in game to get back to "initial" level of visibility. But I mean AMD drivers are "famous".

Hope it helps!

Yeah I heard that workaround has solved the issue for some people, but I also heard it has caused the game to become worse and crash every time. I rather just wait, to be honest but I might be waiting forever or atleast until I get a rtx gpu since for some reason this won't be a prioritized issue. I appreciate the information though! 

You can always remove reg key the same way you added it, so if it crashes your game just do the same thing just in reverse and problem solved. Or you can create registry backup (if not mistaken also in video) and use that one to be 100% safe that you returned things they were before.


Playing Apex today all day, still all good, 0 crashes (so far at least).

Hmm, I guess I could do that just to see if that is a solution until they fix this annoying bug. I just wonder, how the editing of the registry key can fix such a crash? 

Sorry, not that smart

Yet I have read a lot of weird stuff regarding Apex and how it works with PC and various hardware...I guess at this point I would say that this is THE worst AAA title in Beta that I have ever seen and maybe little things like this are missed given we all know that Respawn's focus is on micro transaction stuff.

I guess it was S13 or S14 where actually there was a bug after update where you had to delete "Assets" folder which as far as I understood is basically latest shop news from Apex in game = game crashed because latest shopping news were not working properly.

So yeah...nothing surprises me anymore with Beta F2P games especially Apex.

On the other hand if it can be fixed (even with duck tape) and played for free competitively...I will do it until a better game comes out or until I am forced to pay for Beta which I will not.

I'll give this a try. For posterity's sake, the documentation for this is here:


Essentially this is just turning off the ability of Windows to detect when the GPU driver is unresponsive. I've no idea how that would help but I will try anything at this point.

I’ve tried everything. The reg key thing does not work either. This has been since mid s13 and hasn’t been addressed. Absolutely unbelievable. I can’t even play ranked knowing it can just crash at any time. PLEASE FIX IT GUYS. I guarantee everyone on this forum wants to switch to nvidia now so great job losing so many customers AMD

@perfctly @SnowHat  yeah bad news, after 2 days of playing without a crash today was the day it all came to and end back to square one.

Let's praise AMD for giving as much f about AMD hardware bound players in Apex as Respawn cares about stuff besides cosmetics in Apex

I really thought that was the fix, **bleep** well that is kinda annoying now. It is like we can't do anything but suffer until AMD or the developers fix this issue and it isn't something we can do ourselves. It is so lame!!!

There is - I hear Nvidia 3series are now dropping prices like crazy so if you have a spare money and/or someone who is willing to pay anything for your current AMD GPU = trade that s straight away. I guess especially if we all play Apex taking 3060 or 3070 for the price of 5700XT (a few years back before the bubble) is just nobrain decision...if you have spare 400-600$ or whatever they cost / you can get back for the current AMD.

Apex is know to be Nvidia sponsored title so I am quite sure such issues will be there in future as well...pity that AMD does not get involved in AAA title bug fixes or comments. I mean it would at least help to know what is causing it / is there a fix coming up / has someone even asked etc. Instead there is this info vacuum.

to anyone who cares, disabling XMP in bios makes the dxgi error not make your screens bug out, at a cost in  10%-15% reduction in FPS which is ass. You still get the error but not as frequent. I dont know if this has anything to do with the actual error or not, but for me it makes it less frequent. I still should not have to be doing this... Just fix it for god's sake, Its getting old. And yes, 3000 series are dropping like crazy. Looking to pull the trigger on a 3070ti

I actually managed to find my own "sort of workarounds" for the issue:

1. before I get the error and game crashes what seems to be GPU software/drivers, it freezes for a moment - if I am fast enough to alt+f4 during that time it takes me back to Windows without any issues after like 10 seconds and I can reload into game...just need to hope that it happens in somewhat safe state of the match as e.g. yesterday in TOP 4 last ring it did yield me .... 4th place upon reconnecting.

2. I remapped my power button to put PC into sleep mode (in power plan settings). This helps when I get a crash and screen full of artifacts. Drawback - it takes ages to go into sleep, back, rerunning programs like logitech software so your mouse "wakes up" etc. But at least it does not require forced powering off and complete restart.

Adept II

Update on my situation: 

  • I used the AMD cleanup tool to remove 22.5.1
  • Installed 21.12.1
  • I have not experienced a single crash since. That's with Teams, Slack, Chrome all running in the background

I hope this helps others. 

Adept III

Today one person on AMD from Apex said that there is another possible fix:

  • start -> turn windows features on and off
  • locate "folder" with name "Legacy Components"
  • tick folder
  • expand and tick direct play

Did it today, played for like 3h, no crashes so far.

Also somehow the same person says that 5700xt can push 170+ stable FPS and the only difference from my setup to his is AMD 5series CPU vs mine 3series despite the fact that in Radeon in game overlay Apex uses 99% of my GPU most of the time and barely 50% of CPU at any given time... Apex is just AMD's kryptonite