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Adept I

Warzone Turns off my DisplayPort Overrides in Adrenalin

Not sure why this is happening and hoping someone with more knowledge than myself can help. 

Did some research on Voltage swing and Premphasis to determine if it would help and it allows for a much better picture on my particular 32" 1440p 144 mhz monitor. 

I have tested it with Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Black ops Cold War, & Hearthstone. Works great. Games look amazing.

However, the second i load into warzone it disables these two settings in adrenalin. Unsure why. I wouldn't think a game should be dictating this. Checked my settings in warzone and don't see anything that could be causing it.

For all other games voltage swing 2 Premphasis 2 looks good and works well. I have tried all combinations with Warzone to no effect. Im stumped. Please chime in if you can.


Ryzen 5800x

Asus Tuf Gaming Rx 6800

Asus ROG Strix B 550-F Gaming

Gskill Trident Neo 3600MHZ Ram - DOCP settings with target @3200 MHZ

750w Gigabyte 80+ gold PSU

Nzxt Kraken cpu cooler


2 Replies
Adept I

Have been troubleshooting quite a bit and have a new cable on the way to try today. Will update once i figure out if this is the cause of the issue.



It's the game, don't bother. There's so many issues with that game on here and it's just the game's engine coding. 

"It worked before you broke it!"