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Journeyman III

VSR makes TV too hot!

Hello fellow AMD fans, I'm new here and I need some help with the VSR technology.

I'm not sure which specs matter for this issue, so I will just say that I have an R9 270 plugged via HDMI to a Philips 42" TV.

After starting using my GPU on November - 2018 I didn't have big issues, until one day my TV became too hot, and the starting point was the HDMI slot where I plugged my GPU cable. In the room, it was possible to smell something like burning plastic, which made me worry a lot and check from where it did come from (that was when I discovered that it came from the TV). I'm can't tell which day it was exactly, but it was next to the end of December. That day I had updated the drivers to a version that I can't remember right now... I think it was something like 18.##.#. Using some logic, I thought about disabling some features, and I did it right away with VSR, which solved the problem at that point. Unfortunately, I can't remember if VSR was possible before the update from that day and neither if it was enabled before or if it got enabled after the update (sometimes I do a clean installation), but it did make my TV hot as a frying pan waiting anxiously for minutes to fry some good eggs. Well, since that day I didn't experience this, except by today. At some point today I had to create a Guest user to let people use my PC, so I did it and followed the steps on Windows 10 to make it work. When I was finishing to set up the user, I saw an AMD notification from the GPU software telling me that it had some recommendations of which things to enable on it and I just accepted as I did before on my main user, without having this issue, by the way, maybe I did the same for the first time that the TV became a frying pan and I can't remember... the thing is: just after I accepted the recommended options on the Guest user, I left the room to do something else and came back about 10 minutes later. The TV and the computer were on with the Guest user logged in, but no one was or had been using the computer. As soon as I entered the room I felt the same smell of burning plastic as before! For about a minute I was checking every wire and electronic in the room until I remembered about the Frying Pan TV. Without thinking too much I turned the TV off, removed the power cord and tried to reach the GPU HDMI cable connected to the TV, but I burned my fingertips, so I pulled the cable as fast as I could before taking care of my fingers. Minutes after the incident I decided to use my old 19" AOC monitor using a DVI to VGA adapter and kept the TV turned off. After I put my monitor to use I opened Radeon Settings and disabled the VSR that was enabled once again. The difference between the first time it happened and this one, is that I was using the driver 19.4.1. Right now, four hours later, the TV still smells like burnt plastic, but just a little! About 30 minutes ago, when I decided to turn it on, I did some tests without the computer, things like using its smart capabilities and two different gaming consoles. Since neither tests presented issues, I'm back with my PC connected to the TV, but this time, without VSR, and using the latest driver (19.4.3), since I saw an improvement about the Netflix App from Microsoft Store on the version 19.4.2 and I use this app a lot.

Did anyone here experience this kind of problem before? If positive, did you find a way to use VSR with the same monitor/TV?

Thanks in advance and my best regards.

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