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Journeyman III

Very low gpu usage in game Dayz Standalone on graphic card rx 6700 xt

Dear developers, I write to you with a huge request to help you understand the problem with the performance of the game Dayz Standalone if you use amd radeon rx 6700xt cards. The fact is that in cities, at best, the FPS is kept around 45, when the gtx 1080 card gives 120 FPS on the same graphics settings. Gpu is at 100% usage in the field or smaller cities, anywhere except the bigger cities, gpu goes down to 20/40% usage. The processor I use is an AMD ryzen 3600 with 16 GB of RAM. 

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Journeyman III

Hello ! Have exactly the same problem than you little artefact in game

I crash in 22.5 but have still artefact in 22.7.1

I think the problem from apex because AMD don't have recently updated ? 

Journeyman III

I'm having the same issue as you and I'm running a Ryzen 5800X3D paired with a 6900XT. I'm getting extremely low gpu utilization. Likewise, I've tried everything to correct it with no success. This only happens in Dayz, All other games run great. I've even seen it dip down in the 20% range, it's extremely frustrating. I've tried the latest drivers. Furthermore, I've used DDU to uninstall, I've done a factory reset and tried all the different settings but with no luck. Please someone at AMD kindly fix it. 

Journeyman III


I still have this problem running Adrenalin 22.11.2 version. Tried every kind of performance optimization, launching options, but ingame the GPU usage still won't go further than around 30/40% and no more than 60ish FPS.

My config:


4x8Gb DDR 3200

RX 6750 XT

Game installed in HDD

Journeyman III

Still having the same issue, 

Game running fine and when you look towards a city GPU utilization drops to 30-40 % and frames go bellow 40, you can make the game look like it was made in 2005 (all poor settings) just so when you look at the city you get 60FPS but paying premium for a gpu and playing in poor settings it's just wrong.

AAA games are playing just fine but in DayZ it's just unplayable. Looks like going for an AMD GPU was a mistake.


Ryzen 9 6900x

RX 6800XT