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Adept I

Very low FPS in game Dayz Standalone on graphic card rx 6800

Dear developers, I write to you with a huge request to help you understand the problem with the performance of the game Dayz Standalone if you use amd radeon rx 6800/rx6800xt cards. The fact is that in cities, at best, the FPS is kept around 45, when the gtx 1070 card gives 90 FPS on the same graphics settings (checked personally and several times with reinstalling drivers on different versions of Windows). the processor I use is an AMD ryzen 5600x with 32 GB of RAM. (radeon rx 6000 series cards for some reason reset their power and very unstable graphics processing) Please help - this game is a second life for me, I love it very much and AMD too. I want to spend a lot of money I got pleasure and not disappointment.

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Community Manager

We addressed the performance issue in DayZ in 21.11.3, thanks for your patience.

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i ve got weird fps problems with cyberpunk 2077 too with my 6800xt ( not getting more than 20 fps) , did not found any other solution than to reinstall windows from scratch , don't know why , ... ( when total reinstall i get 45 fps , 4k ultra etc)

when my windows installation is new i get score if 9150 in time spy extrem , and after 1/2 weeks I can't get more than 8700  ... reinstalling adrenalin with DDU and everything doesn't solve it , the only way i can get back my fps is to reinstall windows completely

don't know if it's about adrenalin or windows 20h2 , but something is wrong (even if with 8700 points i can play confortably on other games , but still...)

did you try with a new installed windows to see if there is a difference ?


Oh sure. I tried with different versions of windows and even on different processors - everywhere the same picture. Power consumption drops, and with it the FPS in the game (Dayz Standalone)/ so far nothing has helped, it looks like problems with driver optimization.

there are definitely some similarities with what I see in cyberpunk as my fps drops and power consumption too ...  may  be related ... do you see that in other games or is it only in dayz ?

In other games, the picture is more or less normal, I do not play cyberpunk, I do not like such games. But there is no point in not believing you, since this is not only shown in Dayz, then the problem is in the driver.

Journeyman III

Journeyman III

I got a 6800, experiencing same issues on a game called diabotical.Stuterring and low gpu ussage.

My system is fine iv tried a 1080ti and it stays at 400fps stable. Many games got issues with new gpu's Warzone, Destiny 2, my game, yours,  ...

Amd doesn't seem concern about those problems. It's a driver problem here, next driver update they do if the problem is ain't fixed I'll probably sold mine. We are not beta testers !



I absolutely agree, we are not beta testers, I bought the card for the 783 $ from the retailer which is available on AMD's site what it's just founders edition, and I expect that will get most of the game and got into a bad mood and feels like the chest is **bleep** ((... honestly was thinking to take the map too, to take back to the store...


I'm also experiencing this in DayZ. I went from a GTX 970. My FPS is almost the same as with that card. Yikes.


Does anyone know how to contact AMD developers and rub their noses in their bad work?

Journeyman III

Same here

Ryzen 3700x and 6800. My fps is like 30-40 in city and when running middle in forest around 100fps.

Got much better fps on my old gtx 960...

I really wanna play this game maxed settings on :(

I have the same issues. I have been trying everything. I just limited my clock speeds to under 2000 mhz and it seems to help out  some. Also forcing your minimum clock above 2000 seems to do the same. Still...

It seems like when you are looking a certain direction in game, your gpu utilization drops a ton. I think its related to the direction you are pointed in the game


Not a single setting helps improve the issue. AAA titles run perfectly fine. DayZ runs terrible and didn't before my card change. GPU usage sitting at 30% at times. Terrible up and down fps. Older cards run this game twice as good as the 6800, might have to return the card to be honest.

Population: ONE, a VR title has a terrible flickering tree issue, similar to what DayZ used to do on the 6800.



This is my config, which gives me more or less sane fps, but it is categorically far from what I expected from a $ 1000 card in combination with an r5 5600x/// AMD processor - you have very poor optimization-WAKE UP!!!! give normal performance in DAYZ!!!

Also getting the same with rx 6800xt master went from locked 144 at 1440p on my main modded server i play with a 2080ti  beforehand to a  barely 40 fps in a medium size base (server wiped so we don't have that much loot to start hurting fps lmao) This needs be fixed asap  


old pc was also running 3700x with a 2080ti now a 5600x with 6800xt


Good luck with a fix.


for me I returned the 6800XT and got a refund. An excellent card in many ways, love the drivers as well. 

But in certain games, perhaps many being Indie and not AAA type, the performance was worse or very little better than the 1080Ti.


black mesa is another game card won't boost in but fps seems fine in most areas then drops down to 70 for no reason.  Not looking good for price i paid for in land down under lol


Warzone runs also not very good, GPU get's only 70% load at 1800Mhz in 1440p Ultra. FPS are jumping between 120 and 140, frame times are terrible.

If I set the resolution scale to 150% the GPU runs at 99% load and also clocks correctly. It can't be a CPU bottleneck issue in 1440p, because with a 3080 in the same PC i didn't have those issues.

I'm lucky that I have 2 PCs and 2 different GPUs, the 6900XT will go into my second PC and my main PC will keep the 3080 for now.


Still no fix for this beyond a joke after being told by dayzs support it be fixed in 1.11 


RX 5700

Ryzen 5600x

INSANE FPS DROPS, STUTTERING and other weird issues. GPU utilization is like 30-40%, GPU clocks are dropping down to 800MHZ. What is wrong with the drivers????

Last good drivers was 20.4.2. At least it was playable. PLEASE FIX


Everything above 20.4.2 understates the fps in dayz- and so it is to this day...

Hello everyone, anyone managed to fix this issue, it happens in a lot of games, cyberpunk being an exception, i can't return the card but i soo much regret not buying a 3080 and that's it, this amd cards have soo many issues, i won't ever buy one again in the future, not if i am 100% sure they finally fixed their issues with their driver teams.

better driver version 20.4.2


I also regret - that I did not take a year ago 2070 super
and in place of this I took trash from amd rx 5700 xt...
and so to this day driver trash - and they are unlikely to fix something...

Also the graphics quality in dayz is terrible - grasses and trees and bushes.32323232131.png

Another video to prove that 20.4.2 was the last good drivers to play DayZ:

20.4.2 DOUBLES my FPS. **bleep** AMD?

That is exactly what I experienced! Thank you!

Can I Use the old driver 20.4.2 with my Radeon RX 6900xt?



As you foresaw, it did not work


This problem has been around for about a year and a half.
with optimization of new drivers for Dayz
it's a pity that they didn't fix it for in so much time
and for the new 6000 series video cards everything will be the same
and it's sad - you buy such a video card for a lot of money
for dayz and you see 45-50 fps in the game

Well, I hope the more people will send reports with this problem - the sooner they may fix this problem.
but I will repeat myself - This problem has been around for about a year and a half - and I have already resigned with it that it won't be fixed


With my 5700xt the performance was acceptable/good as I remember.

For now I tried the driver version 21.2.3 with the best results compared to the latest driver version. But in comparison to my old 5700xt it is still stuttering in cities with 40-60 fps.

I send a daily message with the bug reporting tool

I do not give up. In other games the performance of my 6900xt is great.


(My friend bought a 3080, but this card is as loud like a vacuum cleaner.)



Where are AMD support staff when we need it?


I finally manage to fix FREEZING AND STUTTERING.

Even with 20.4.2 drivers i had weird stuttering. But thanks to 20.4.2 at least i have good FPS.
I finally fixed stuttering like this:
1) Set your DayZ launch option in steam: "-malloc=system" without ""
Now. Finally. I have tonn of FPS and 0 stuttering and freezes.

Driver 20.4.2, is undoubtedly the best old driver so far, and I'm wondering, as far as more fps the current new driver would give in the dayz, if the new current driver worked well - as a rule, new drivers should work much better than the old ones and should give more fps, than the old drivers - I want to believe, what if would new current driver worked well, he would showed still more fps, than 20.4.2 by 20-30%, what do you think?


I don't get this dayz is a very popular game and should have full support!!!! Just  Purchased a 6700 Xt and thought it would be a upgrade from my gtx 1080, yes on paper it is but in my favorite game no way. Gtx 1080 1080p high settings 125ish fps my new 6700 xt on poor settings I get 45/55 fps. Sad!!!!

Please!!! Anyone who observes lags or bad graphics in dayz on AMD graphics cards write a review about it here

dayz developers will pay attention to this and finally fix the game for AMD users - this is the official bug report of the dayz website

P.S. I wrote about this problem in AMD and they answered me
that there are no problems with the drivers - it means that the problem is in the game and all questions are to the dayz developers


Bohemia Interactive finally confirmed there is an issue with DayZ on AMD graphic cards:

So, all hope is not lost.

I have crappy FPS in towns with my RX 5700 XT no matter what settings I choose.

Ryzen 7 7800X3D liquid cooled, Radeon RX 7900XTX liquid cooled, MAG B650 Tomahawk WIFI, Dominator Titanium 64GB DDR5-6000, Force MP600 Pro XT 2TB, Force MP600 2TB, UltraGear 38GN950-B

The new driver should fix Dayz! On my 6800xt it works great.

I just wanted to post that new drivers supposedly fix the issue.

I am at work and cannot wait to try it in the evening

Ryzen 7 7800X3D liquid cooled, Radeon RX 7900XTX liquid cooled, MAG B650 Tomahawk WIFI, Dominator Titanium 64GB DDR5-6000, Force MP600 Pro XT 2TB, Force MP600 2TB, UltraGear 38GN950-B

Not sure where my previous message went. Anyone tried the new patch? What kind of FPS are you getting with rx 6000 series?


Will probably be able to report this weekend if I manage to finish my new water cooled PC.

Ryzen 7 7800X3D liquid cooled, Radeon RX 7900XTX liquid cooled, MAG B650 Tomahawk WIFI, Dominator Titanium 64GB DDR5-6000, Force MP600 Pro XT 2TB, Force MP600 2TB, UltraGear 38GN950-B
Community Manager

We addressed the performance issue in DayZ in 21.11.3, thanks for your patience.