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Journeyman III

VEGA 64 and REDONE VII have problems in dual screen use.

VEGA 64 and REDONE VII have problems in dual screen use.
System: WIN 10 Professional 64-bit
Please check the attachment. When I use VEGA 64 and REDONE VII, if I lock down after locking the screen, or the system automatically goes to sleep when the desktop is on (the hard disk does not sleep, only the monitor sleeps), when I wake up my computer, There are two situations: 1. The content displayed on the right display will be moved to the left display. 2. If the left display is stretched out of the frame, it will be pulled back. The close-up of my system's multitasking is all closed. In addition, I will not use this problem with Nvidia's 980 and 980TI. The system setting when using N card is the same as the system setting when using A card. I have not made any changes. I think this is a problem with A card. .
I hope that you can solve this problem, I have sold my A-card and ordered Nvidia's 2080. I hope that you can improve your products, I hope you can contact me as soon as possible, I can cooperate with you.


VEGA 64以及REDONE VII在双屏使用中出现的问题。
系统:WIN 10专业版 64位
请查看附件,我在使用VEGA 64以及REDONE VII时,如果锁定屏幕之后进入休眠,或处于桌面情况下系统自动进入休眠(硬盘不休眠,只是显示器休眠)后,当我唤醒我的电脑时,会出现两个情况:1、右边显示器所显示的内容全都会被 移到左边的显示器,2、左边示器如有窗口拉伸出边框,那么也会被拉回来。我的系统多任务处理的贴靠全都是关闭的。另外我用英伟达的980以及980TI都不会出现这个问题,在用N卡时的系统设置与使用A卡时的系统设置是一样的,没有进行过任何更改,我觉得这个是A卡存在的问题。

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