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Journeyman III

Undervolting settings reverting back to default after reboot, shutdown and hibernation

Hey there, I'm on Adrenalin 2020.4.1 and have a custom undervolting (1,020V) setting for my RX 5700 XT.

The card performs beautifully with these settings, which are saved in a file and loaded in AMD Radeon software.

Thing is, after a reboot, shutdown and even hibernation (once in a while), exclusively the undervolting settings go back to default, overheating my card and making the fans go nuts. 

This happens all the time, even though there's no crash or unsafe power down. 

The software simply reverts automatically the voltages I've set. 

This must be a bug, right? Doesn't make sense. All the other custom settings (clock frequency and memory frequency) remain the same, but the software insists on increasing my voltage from 1,020V to 1,198V.

Can I fix this locally while AMD doesn't solve it on their end?

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Journeyman III

I also have this problem with my RX 5700xt, everytime I reboot, shutdown and etc, I have to load my profile again...


There seems to be a workaround, but it's a shame it is needed in the first place.

Check it out: 

It uses an application that runs on boot and after sleep. I'm still testing, but seems to work so far.

Much of the time it is Windows 10 "Fast Startup" causing issues by using old cached data. 

So disable it, you can google how. 

Hopefully this will help stop the reset of the GPU Preferences. 

Then download 20.5.1 GPU driver.

Install using the clean install choice. 

Wattman settings will reset any time it has a GPU hang and it returns itself to defaults. 

You can save a profile of your settings and reload the profile if it does reset.

If this continues to be an issue you can open a support ticket with AMD: 

You can also talk to the support department of the company that made you graphics card.