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Adept I

Terrible flickering in some GUI apps with RX 6600XT on Windows 7

That is absolutely annoying. My screen flickers in horizontal stripes after some of the text contents update in some basic windows. That does NOT happen in Chrome, in games, when watching videos and even in Radeon Settings app (though the app itself is very buggy and opens from the 2-3 try).

I guess it is a driver bug because on standard display adapter driver it is absolutely fine. Also on Windows 10 it is fine. Also the same OS setup was fine with HD 7850 installed (it used different driver, of course).

Freesync is not supported by my monitor (it was made in late 2013) and seems to be grayed out in Radeon Settings.

Do I have any way to fix it, or should I consider taking my card back to the store?

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In June 2021 AMD stopped supporting Windows 7 with Driver updates:

Effective as of June 21, 2021, Radeon Software support for Windows 7 based operating systems have been moved to a legacy support model.Jan 14, 2020

AMD Radeon™ Software Support for Microsoft® Windows® 7 ...

But AMD did come out with more Windows 7 drivers for your GPU card. But the last one is from February 2022:

So if the above last Windows 7 driver gives you problems then you are out of luck since there won't be anymore updates for your GPU card with Windows 7.

I have to agree with elstaci.  This is most likely a Windows 7 issue rather than the 6600XT and Radeon drivers.  The latest drivers are 22.Q2.

Make sure old drivers are completely removed prior to installing new drivers on top of them.

You might try updating your AMD chipset drivers prior to updating your GPU drivers.  The problem may be a result of your motherboard chipset.

> Make sure old drivers are completely removed prior to installing new drivers on top of them.

I did a full cleanup 1 or 2 times with the AMD cleanup utility, because it did not install at all. At the final attempt it threw an error at 98-99 percent, so I guess my installation was not correct, and that may be the cause of the problems.

My chipset is Intel LGA-2011 (Asus X79 motherboard), not AMD. I did install the new drivers of course (I moved this OS installation from another mobo), though I see some yellow question marks in the device manager, and that is also strange. Maybe I should have removed old chipset drivers before installing the new ones, but I did not see the corresponding item in the "Programs and components" list).

Another thing that is definitely wrong is that the error code 163 thrown during the AMD package installation points to "probably missing updates from Microsoft" as I read on the net. But I cannot install all the updates, because the hotfix for .NET Framework fails to install on my installation of Windows with code 643. I tried everything: repairing .NET Framework via its uninstaller, special fixer utility from MS, uninstall and install .NET from scratch - nothing helped to install the latest hotfix. But I could at least come close to successfully install AMD Catalyst after all that stuff (though it still jumps at me with an error at the very end, but does not roll the installation back, so at least it works).


Btw, now it does not flicker for some reason. All I did is cleanup some space on disk C: (SSD SATA drive) today and sending PC to sleep mode yesterday around midnight. I will investigate further if it is somehow connected with the sleepmode or not. Right now it seems to work just fine.

UPD: no, it still does, but less often and bad.

I see the reason of the blinking. It happens on window content change, something is really wrong with desktop acceleration in Win 7 (the thing that allows to move windows around without stuttering).

Easy way to see it is to resize any window (the speed of resizing does not matter). It is flickering randomly while you are resizing Moving the window also has nasty effects. For example, underlying icons on the desktop appear where the window was before the move rather slowly (not in a single moment, but within 0.3-0.4 secs and one by one). And also I can see a trace of a moving window's border.

With standard display driver from Microsoft it was stuttering when moving or resizing a window, but I don't remember explicit border traces, and it did not blink.


It seems that the cause of the issue was enabled "HDMI Link Assurance" in Radeon settings. Turned it off and the flickering is gone. Or so it seems to me right now.

I followed your link, and it leads to the same installer that I used to install the drivers. Version

I don't know why, but it is older than February 2022 for sure.

Adept I

Sorry for necroposting, but the problem is not gone anywhere, unfortunately, I was wrong.

Any way to fix the screen flickering on Windows 7? I tried to disable multiplane overlays in registry as someone suggested - did not help either.

Adept I

Is there a third party modified display driver for Windows 7 newer than of middle of 2022? I would be very grateful if someone gave me a link. I even agree to take the risk of damaging my GPU by using such unofficial driver.