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Speedfan do not walk anymore


I have a problem with my computer, it turns out that it possesses three ventilators among which a which is next to my graphics board the problem it is that this ventilator does not walk(work) all the time I give some explanation: when I play a video game my card(map) warm too much and the ventilator bustles either not for a long time or too late to cool the card(map) thus I activated the parameters Fan Speed (in AMD radon settings, games(sets), general parameters, overdrive general) in manual mode it allowed me to run the computer a whole day but the next day, problème:le speed Fan does not make turn(shoot) any more the ventilator than near the 80 % and he makes him(it) turn(shoot) at top speed(full capacity) what makes too much noise and if I get down again towards 74 % the ventilator stops I would thus love That have tell me if there is a way(means) to run this computer with or without the option Fan speed and if yes that she(it) is her(it)? Otherwise then why The speed Fan does not walk(work) any more as well as before?

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