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Adept II

So yeah... I'm saying Goodbye to AMD GPUs forever!

Well... One of my friends had a XFX AMD Radeon RX 570 and had the same issue as me (No video signal issue). He moved to the green team and now he's playing as it has to be.

My GPU (XFX AMD Radeon RX 580) has been driving me crazy with this "No signal" message everytime. It happens like 7 or 8 times a day and it's random. Fans start spinning when idle and there's no video signal. Every time I need to restart my PC to make it work again... Can't edit videos, can't stream properly... No way!

So... I thought I wouldn't say this but I'm saying goodbye to AMD GPUs forever! I'm moving to the green team.

Sorry but it has been happening since March or April 2022 and I'm done.

Guys, don't buy these cards anymore. It seems they don't care about this because they haven't fixed this and noone has said anything...

PS: Thanks to all the guys that tried to help but this is over...

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Adept II



I was so happy when I got it but now silence remains and no solutions...


First let me preface this response by saying that brother I feel your pain that started 3 years ago when I purchased a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master mb and 3900X cpu running W11 Pro!  At that time I was running a Zotac GTX 1080 amp gpu.

Two years ago in the covid tech crunch the only card I could find for purchase happened to be a XFX Speedster MERC 319 RX 6900 XT Black edition way overpriced at Best Buy so I bought it.  It was okay all the way up until I added a 2nd monitor and then the fun began as it started randomly dropping it, heck, sometimes the signal would never come back forcing me to reboot to reacquire it.  Disabling MPO did not change this behavior.

The AMD drivers were broken so there were issues with the games that I played that took many bug reports with compelling evidence to get them to address it.  With NVidia they would immediately get on an issue and many times they would issue a hot fix within a few hours for it.

All the while my X570 which started with a 3900X and ended up w/5950X was also stuttering from fTPM and USB issues both of which took forever and a day for AMD to address through firmware and driver updates.  Their AGESA updates were painfully slow from Gigabyte.

So two weeks ago I switched my running gear back to Intel, MSI MEG Z790 ACE mb, w/13900k based system which was the first step to ending the madness.  Its so nice to hit the power button and have the system come up without anything going awry.

Today I search for a RTX 4090 at MSRP and when I am able to find the exact model I'm looking for the Radeon comes out and the chances of me ever wanting to use AMD based hardware again are slim to nil.  Just look at how they initially responded to the 7900 XTX cooler fiasco by denying that anything was wrong with their cards and that the 110°C temps were normal.

and 110 is "normal" , 120 would not... just set your fans to a low rpm and think just a second of what you say and don't understand ...even  maybe take a minute or 2


"funny" to see people coming here speaking about nothing constructive  and just advertising nvidia

for how long these 570 and 580 aren't sold anymore ? is this used card bought on second hand without knowing if they are ok  with no warranty ? or do you want to make us believe that you would use it like this for so long and now suddenly change ? this is total nonsense or second hypothesis : pure troll

So yeah... is it this a troll party ?

I mean, the sh!tty GPUs have always been the AMD's biggest problem, because buying one is always a lottery where you might get screwed in 2 ways - hardware problems and software problems with awful drivers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  It's not only the old cards - type in any GPU from any generation into the search bar on this forum and you'll find dozens if not hundreds of threads on problematic issues with those cards. Hell, in fact, there's a number of posts already about the latest 7900 X-X-X cards which LITERALLY CRASH AND BURN!

No manufacturer is "ideal" - everyone has their gimmicks and caveats, but some of them are more important to people and they base their purchase reasoning on that. We are lucky to have Intel in the GPU market finally to break the mould somewhat now, although they've already had a fiasco too. So I doubt anyone is trolling here, you're seeing things. When one manufacturer is bad people will move on and sometimes unconsciously promote the other one - you're just being silly paranoid here.

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maybe try a search in nvidia forum search bar to compare to see for yourself and stop trolling


W10Pro (22H2)|Kingston A400 240G|ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4 (L2.71)|Ryzen 5 5600|ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black V2|nVidia RTX 3070 FE 8Gb|XPG GAMMIX D10 [2x8GB] DDR4 3200MHz (XMP)|DeepCool PK700D

According to: 

"AMD started Radeon RX 570 sales 18 April 2017 at a recommended price of $169."

EDIT: Oops.  Your card is a 580: 

"AMD started Radeon RX 580 sales 18 April 2017 at a recommended price of $229."

Sorry. /EDIT

If that's correct, your card is almost 6 years old now. I wouldn't think issues with the card (or drivers) at this point in its life-cycle would justify complaint. Granted, prices are high right now, but here's a list of last generation's "reasonable" cards:,511,509,522,526,501,523&sort=price&X=100,1056000 

Journeyman III

It's true, the graphics cards, unfortunately, are not as good as nvidia, but the processors are good amd, I have an AMD processor myself and I would never replace it with an intel, I feel a bit sorry for these AMD graphics cards, maybe someday they will work on it


@angel2 wrote:

It's true, the graphics cards, unfortunately, are not as good as nvidia, but the processors are good amd, I have an AMD processor myself and I would never replace it with an intel, I feel a bit sorry for these AMD graphics cards, maybe someday they will work on it

Absolutely right! The processors are very good... no doubt about it. But the AMD graphics cards aren't so good. I had 2 ATI / AMD radeon graphics cards and didn't have an issue with those...

This is not hate, this is a FACT. Drivers aren't working as they should with old cards...

Adept II

I don't like saying it but I moved away from Ati/Amd graphics cards back in 2007. Had nothing but trouble with Ati cards, drivers, crashes, black screens and overheating, I have never been back and have not had any graphic card issues since.  My 1st good working card back then was a XFX 8800GT. I love AMD CPUs, but won't touch their graphics cards. I cannot believe after all these years, it sounds like the same issues still go on to this day. I used to always buy top of the line graphics cards, I have now since moved onto sticking with mid-range cards, hopefully one day sanity returns to pricing of graphics cards.

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maybe you should know that everyone is not you and can't make global rules just from your experience... computer science says that problems origin are 90% between chair and desktop most of the time, that could help to begin to ask the good question

i have amd gpu for years without any problems , one time i sold my 295x2 to get a 1080ti when starting to play at 4k , games with the 1080ti where ok, but it was a horror when trying to work with it for simple things like multiple screen messing windows or icons on desktop for no reason, even had to stick with the same driver for months  because new drivers caused lags in most of games i played at this time (installing uninstalling reinstalling, LOT of time wasted)... so nope , people saying it's better with nvidia driver , or hardware is just a subjective point of view with too little experience apparently ... everybody can troll , example : i prefer a card that is too hot i can rma, than a card that burns my  home and kills me because of 12hpwr that starts a fire just by not being connected correcly, see , easy

I'm not trolling, man. And it's not only me... Look for yourself. There are a lot of issues reports out there and I'm not the only one with those issues.


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...not to mention the ATi cards I ran in the past .. 

All have been great cards .. most of them I bought used and some of them where used for mining

Only card that I got brand new that I had issues with was an old Nvidia FX 5900XT. Couldn't run at it's stock frequencies and I sent it back.

You had issues.. sorry to read that. Not the norm though

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