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Adept III

SM6.0 broken on AMD?

hi all, currently building a game in unreal and have decided to start using Shader model 6.0. instead of 5.0 and learn about virtual Shadow maps.



after checking with the Unreal community, it appears to be a driver issue with AMD, a few other have managed to DDU their GPU drivers and reinstall to solve the issue. this has not been the case for me. after 22 DDU's and 2 reinstalls i still have this issue making shader model 6.0 unusable

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You might want to try post your question at AMD Developer's Forum since this concerns programing. Start here first:

According to this thread at Newcomers where the Moderator gave access to OpenGL/Vulkan Forum for the same issue. The OP mentioned a Shader Bug with AMD Driver:

Screenshot 2022-11-16 175131.png

The link from above about the Shader Bug: